Under what circumstances can VPs be used? (Virtual host, VPs, server leasing)

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If you think that the virtual host cannot meet your needs, want more resources, and feel that the whole machine is a waste, the VPs server may also be suitable for you.


In terms of price, the VPs host is between the virtual host and the host lease. The performance of the website is more stable than that of the virtual host. users on the VPs do not compete for server resources with other users on the same server. Because VPs has exclusive memory, hard disk, and bandwidth.


VPs hosts are more secure than virtual hosts because file systems are completely separated. Even if a user on the VPs server is hacked, the user cannot access the file system of another user.


The VPs host is used exactly the same as the server lease. You have the root access permission. You can install any modules you want and log on remotely. However, the price is much lower than that of the server.

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Under what circumstances can VPs be used? (Virtual host, VPs, server leasing)

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