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The behind-the-scenes hero that affects the unit Price of google ads is the Smart Price mechanism. As the name suggests, GG sets a Price balance system to balance the interests of advertising publishers.
1. Smart Price affects the entire account, rather than a single channel
2. The Smart Price activity period is measured in weeks.
3. The activity cycle of Smart Price is in the unit of month.
The purpose of Smart Price is to balance the Price of AdWords. Simply put, if the guidance from an Adsense account does not ultimately bring benefits to the Adsense, in the next Smart Price activity cycle, the unit Price will decrease, and GG has its own and has already given the ad publishers a separate evaluation system.
Smart Price is to protect the interests of advertising publishers, but it is also for GG's own consideration, it needs to bring benefits to advertising publishers, which is the foundation of the development of its advertising program ).
A bad channel will affect the entire account
In terms of advertising on the web page, because of the Smart Price, if you focus on color integration, the viewer's mistaken click, or the viewer's unintentional click, etc., such Click will not bring any benefit to the advertising publishers, so it will soon affect the account's Smart Price, thus affecting the entire account. this is like the left martial arts. Although it is very effective in a short time, it is not as profound as authentic martial arts in the long term.
Later, the unit price of others' 0.5 click rate will be much higher than that of your 1.5-2.0 (or higher) click rate. When your click rate returns to 0.5, your price will be terrible, like the Yellow River, the river embankment is getting higher and higher.
Therefore, the key is to build the content of the webpage with the information that the viewer really needs. We can look at the placement of advertisements on many real foreign websites, which are generally independent and clear, the appearance of relevant forms allows viewers to select content they are really interested in, so as to generate true value these large websites do not know a variety of techniques, but in fact, this is the only way to truly advertising.

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