Unity Day One technical point (10) Add particle effects---UI

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When I recently added a particle effect to the UI, it was always obscured by the UI.
The workaround is to:
Because the render order column of the particle system defaults to 3000, and the Ngui render order defaults to 3000, the GUI renders in a higher order than 3000 when there are nested panels, or when depth a higher panel.
The solution is to
1. Modify the default Renderqueue in the UIPanel script in Ngui, adjust to less than 3000 so that the particle effects are not obscured, and when some windows need to be displayed on the effects, adjust the renderer q option in the inspector to start at, A value of 3000 or more can be resolved, but my Ngui version is 3.1.6, so you can adjust it directly.
2. Use a different camera to display the effects. However, it is not very well controlled when the UI window switches between each other.
3. Modify the Rendererqueue value in the shader of the particle effect.

Unity Day One technical point (10) Add particle effects---UI

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