Unity Game Mic Goo Game New SDK: up to 20% paid conversion rate

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Dog Planing Learning NetReport/2015 The first quarter, China Mobile rapid promotion of digital business content and channels of the Division of Cooperation strategy to the ground, further clarified the microphone goo game as the mobile's only game operating platform positioning. Mi goo Game in the internal strategy clear positioning, promote the benign flow of resources and efficient allocation, through the strengthening of payment capacity, optimization of the introduction of policies, refinement services, double hundred plan and other ways to enhance self-worth. New SDK boosts 20% paid conversion rateThe ability to pay is one of the core values that the mic game offers to its partners. In order to help partners to increase the pay conversion rate, reduce the loss of users in the payment process, the microphone goo game into a professional research and development team, continue to conduct user game behavior data analysis and pay experience research, and launched a new SDK. The new SDK has changed the way to interact with the server, improve the payment interface pop-up and display efficiency, the interface style is simple and crisp, payment operation is convenient, interactive experience friendly. The first SDK access will cover the rest of the Android business and the 350 million-meter game users. according to the user data analysis, the new version of the SDK in the screen and interactive design innovation effectively enhance the user's willingness to pay and pay success rate, improve the pay conversion rate of nearly 20%, and further enhance the value of the microphone game for partners. optimize the introduction of policies and provide refined servicesIn addition to the increase in the ability to pay, MI goo game in keeping with the concept of open cooperation, greatly optimized the introduction of policy, while committed to providing refined, customized, personalized professional services. For example, the original team to cancel the registered capital requirements, a game through the evaluation can be qualified to cooperate; 7 working days to complete the introduction of the qualification, a week to achieve product launch, to provide VIP services for large customers, regular open days, the opening of online customer service, the establishment of professional technical answer group and other measures. "Double hundred plan" to support small and medium-sized developersbased on the implementation of cross-platform game access and operation of the promotion, microphone Goo Games United Telecom Colorful interactive and unicom Little WO Technology launched in 2014, "Double hundred plan", carrying out "joint review, joint promotion, joint operations", integration of operator resources, significantly reduce the CP operation and marketing costs, Effectively support small and medium-sized developers to create star Games. Up to now, a total of 320 game products to participate in the Double Hundred Program Review, of which 73 successfully on-line operation, to inject vitality to the industry. full release master Big Data platform2015 is the year of the release of the Mi Goo game. Relying on the rich copyright resources in the field of digital content, the company combines Omni-Channel SDK, carrier three-network convergence billing, efficient access process, high-quality user data, experienced operation team, comprehensive coverage and stable distribution channel network, and other core capabilities of the mic game, which will be the best promotion period for the partners. The widest range of industrial resources, the fastest market returns and the most accurate user feedback. the first phase of the big data platform has been put into commercial, real-time display platform, products, channels, customer complaints and other aspects of data, and gradually carry out data mining and open Data Services to achieve the partner game deep operational requirements. This year, the game will also invest a lot of mobile traffic resources to help the game release work. The rapid development of home game businessin China Mobile "and the Family" business section, the microphone Goo Home TV Game expansion effect is outstanding, has achieved 2.5 million end-user coverage of the entire network, the estimated number of new users in 2015 will reach 3.005 billion. From the perspective of geographical infiltration, the microphone game has been with the southeast coastal provinces have reached cooperation. take Jiangsu as an example, each user starts the game 3.68 times per week, the game screen click accounted for 18.99%, single game single Channel One day the highest activation 2.5w+, the highest number of start-up 10w+, to achieve peer-to-standard leading. In 2015, the Mi-goo home game platform was fully commercial, promoting business ecology and industrial scale development by introducing a large number of video game development teams and channel partners.
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Unity Game Mic Goo Game New SDK: up to 20% paid conversion rate

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