Unity5, Import FBX considerations

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One, model size.

In unity, in meters, the most straightforward way to import a 3dmax model into unity with Unity's 3d object size is to set the system units in 3dmax to meters.

menu, customize unit settings:

Then, when you export FBX, the unit also has to select meters:

Two, with texture import.

Build a Textures folder in Unity's assets window, drag the texture image into it, and then model. FBX is dragged to the textures's sibling directory, which automatically generates a materials folder, which generates the materials of the model and imports it in. FBX is also textured.

If materials is mistakenly deleted, the model. FBX loses texture, it doesn't matter, just select model. FBX, right mouse button->reimport, you can regenerate materials.

Three, material color.

After the model was imported into unity, the overall color was dimmed, the imported model cube on the left, and the cube in unity on the right.

Although the upper surface of the model cube uses a pure white texture, it is grayed out.

View the upper surface of the material found albedo color setting is grayed.

Why is the 3dmax exported FBX imported into unity the material additional color will be set to gray?

It turns out that the default diffuse color of the material in 3dmax is gray, as shown in.

If you change the diffuse color to white, the material albedo color will be white when imported into unity.

To change the diffuse color of the material ball to white, first click on the paperclip icon in front of "ambient light" to make it non-pressed (so that when we change the diffuse color, the ambient light color does not change with each other). Then change the diffuse color to white. As shown in the following:

then re-export the FBX and import unity to get the expected results:

Unity5, Import FBX considerations

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