University Shandao (Hong Kong chapter)

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(I use this headline to hope that I can see all five continents before the age of 30.) Dreams always have to have, in case the realization of it! )

A few days ago, my aunt's wholly-funded, I went to Hong Kong, the theme of Hong Kong, of course, buy and buy, in addition, I would like to know more about Hong Kong's tertiary education, so I plan to go to Hong Kong's most famous three universities-Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University Look at this ranking will know my idea of haha). Because the Hong Kong Polytechnic University is just next to Hung Hom Station, I have seen it in passing. All the way down, feeling a lot of harvest, because my tour order is PolyU------------------------------------- Because every school I just skim a turn, can only from a tourist's point of view to make some superficial understanding, and with the mainland university to do a little superficial contrast, unavoidably apperceive, when the essay Pastime Good (each part independent, don't want to look at the small partner to pick their own part of interest to see it).

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Before I arrived in Hong Kong, I had asked Moustached, who was a big student, "How much is the rationale?" "" is almost as big as Shuangfeng. "I did not believe that a university capable of twenty thousand or thirty thousand people, Tongji so much crowded, should not only." I still don't believe it after I've been there, how can I be so big in my freshman years? "This special is also called the university?" "It was my first impression of PolyU. But after the tour, found that it is worthy of the elite.

From Hung Hom Station, the first to see is certainly the famous Red Pavilion (because I went to the days of No good concert, otherwise can be in the red Hall to listen to the concert is also a blessing). Next to the Red Pavilion is the PolyU, you can walk from the railway station to the main bridge. The most impressive feature of the exterior is its iconic red brick building, which is almost all of the buildings in the school, all of which are red brick buildings, and very personal. From this picture, we can see that the university donation culture is very popular in Hong Kong. Simply put, you can donate your money, donate your classroom, donate your seat, and give you a name. This is said to be very common in Europe and the United States, and the opposite view of the domestic, in addition to Mr. Run Shaw's Shaw Lou, the other title of the building is almost impossible to see (a few years ago the Jeanswest building was also "too commercial" and canceled), I think this is not right and wrong, but I always think that if the donation of culture I have the opportunity to worldliness building 416 podium to the left of the first seat to buy, after all, sit that on a semester of soft workers, haha.

When I went there, I just ran into a big brother. With a group of high school students to introduce PolyU, I also on the way (in Mandarin is very thankful). He and I said that because most of the large-size building is the name of the big coffee, it is inevitable that the class "silly points", the use of a-Z to indicate classes or do research places (such as "go to A, a," like this). I asked him about the distribution of university students, he said that most of the undergraduate is local, half of the graduate students, the mainland is also quite a lot. It is worth mentioning that, he said, "The big rain basically do not have to have an umbrella, because has been downstairs to walk around." This once again reflects the size of the small, in Hong Kong's university, bicycle this thing estimated no use, in addition to the large area to use bicycles, but the medium and large basic are up and down the mountain, with bicycles is not convenient.

PolyU also has a very distinctive building, which is the white one, which is said to be a new classroom. Appearance that starting and ending with an abstraction. To tell the truth, I see more than two eyes really can not see, this special what is a thing? But the facilities inside are very good. About PolyU Why can install so many people, small brother's argument is can extend Ah, don't look at the place small, underground big, this point in the hkust also feel very obvious, in a very small scope of action can complete all the work needed to do, this is undoubtedly to improve the efficiency of the initiative. Think in Tongji, the end is to stay in the worldliness floor of the rhythm of selling (lazy to run so far to eat), this is also a small school benefits it.

Because the PolyU is really very small, I listen to the small brother said a lap, and when they took pictures, and his goodbye. From the ladder down, you can see the big gate of the pool, as if there is a legend, arguing that college students can not be splashed by this pool of water, meaning can not "wet body", or will not finish the industry. (similar to the legend seems to be large also), sure enough, every university has to rely on one or two legends to back up, or the town will not live this group of clever students Ah! Next to the pool, there is a large view of the visually impaired people's touch map, because the freshman did one such social practice, deeply felt that the visually impaired people's difficult, I think such facilities are considered very thoughtful. Feeling that Hong Kong is still developed over the mainland, in the MTR and many other places on the care of disabled people are very in place, the mainland is really not enough.

Out of the school gate, I hurried to find the hotel, PolyU so much so that the tour finished.

University of Hong Kong

As the earliest and most famous university in Hong Kong, I must definitely visit Hong Kong. On arrival the next morning, I took octopus from Tsim Sha Tsui to Hong Kong, because Hong Kong had a "University of Hong Kong" MTR Station and the "university" MTR station referred to the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is said that the students of these two schools also for the "university" subway station who tore the force, you tired ah, this discussion may have the result ...

Out of the subway station, will go through a long corridor, on both sides of the Hong Kong century history. Walk through the corridor, will go to an elevator, the elevator feeling particularly high, because in the inside waited for almost half a minute. Out of the elevator, aha!. Hello, HKU! The first eye is this:

This is a university built on the mountain (after passing further proof of my idea). Here incidentally a few words, feel Hong Kong This place is the human nature of transformation of the typical, feel because the ground is not enough, many places have been forced to develop up. So I feel very small, and its campus map is so big, and almost no flat, are on the move, but a world-class university in such conditions to build up.

Perhaps due to the long history of the reasons, HKU gave me the first impression of a bit chaotic, and there is not many rules to follow (probably also because no one to find a guide). The feeling around the center of Sun Yat-sen like, walking around is almost.

(A statue of Sun Yat-sen, Behold)

It is not difficult to see that Dr Sun Yat-sen has an irreplaceable position in the eyes of the Hong Kong adults, and Mr Sun's classic "I have come home because Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong are the birthplace of my knowledge" has so far placed Zhongshan like the rear, and from Zhongshan like to the library of the ladder is also known as the "Zhongshan level" These are all admirable.

It is also impressive that Hong Kong is deeply rooted in democracy, and the "referendum", a student-organised student vote, is unheard of in the mainland. To tell the truth, I have been not very fond of the mainland University Student union organization, the university three years is not much interest in these jobs, of course, many people are bored, this is a matter of opinion, for the moment, not the table.

The library of HKU feels very old, but I don't know how the facilities are in it. It's a great place to be proud of. Tongji Jiading library absolutely kills all libraries in Hong Kong, of course only the size and appearance. If the university is judged by the superficial view of the building and the area, the universities in Hong Kong are not expected to be ranked in the top 100 of the mainland (this is not the case at the end). There is a democratic wall outside the library, and really dare to put on the top, to tell the truth to me is still quite shocking-see the above is a lot of small things, in the celestial world long ago. It is very admirable that Hong Kong university students are serious about the details. Of course there is a part of the speech, as party Member, I can not see, I really can't see.

Because the day has just rained, the ground is very slippery. After a few laps, I decided to go to the Tongluowan to buy and buy bought. After waiting for about 1.5 hours, I took the subway and the Hong Kong masterpiece.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

I went to the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on the third day. As mentioned above, it's good to go to the University station under the subway. Here by the way, the trough, Hong Kong is really small, go to a place one hours almost all the limit. Before I came, my aunt told me that I had to pay attention to how, and I did not take a taxi (because the octopus is really convenient, many places to go).

Out of the subway, it rained heavily, which made me a bit uncomfortable. In a building after the rain small, I began to "go up" (because the big really occupied the whole mountain), walked for two minutes I found that if I go so, maybe a day can not finish, I see the school bus coming and going, can rub it? After this thought, I immediately "down the mountain", into a school bus, fortunately really do not have to swipe, find a seat to sit down, see how the school bus will go.

The big school bus is really cool! A road so small, almost jump up have wood! Feel is winding mountain road turn, turn, all the way scenery fast appreciation (because the school bus very fast, change scenery, see). Because CUHK is a college-based university (this is a very deep topic, it is interested in Google or degree Niang, also welcome to discuss with me), in the car can be vaguely see Chong-ji, New Asia, Yi-Fu and several other academies. A lap down, back to the original point, the rain is still under. I found a place to hide from the rain and took a look at the famous Yi-Fu Science building (that is colorful).

(Chong Ji College)

Because the rain is too big to continue to visit, I was in the big bookstore for a while, well, I have to spit trough book expensive, there is this original Python book really want to buy ah (so thin 60 dao, if the HKD decisive start), think or feel unworthy, go back online look for good. I ordered a cup of Mocha at the café next to the bookstore to stop the rain, and also feel the life of the college students (in fact, there is no difference with mainland universities). A foreign brother is very loudly to tease a beautiful Hong Kong elder sister, English I probably understand the 50% bar. The feeling, learned to learn ...

The rain has been down, I simply sit one more time the school bus. There are several different school buses, each of which is not the same route, but the rain is bigger, the window is almost blurred. On the way I suspect that these drivers are not special training, or the school bus brakes have a higher standard testing, otherwise such a mountain, a little bit of a problem is not fun. and sat two times after the school bus, a cool, two back stimulation, three get off I will vomit ... I still do not carsick people, it seems that carsick people choose when the big time to think about it. Well, this is the end of the line, I take the subway to Hkust.

Just on the subway, the rain completely stopped, a bit depressed.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Hkust is my most expected university, because it really created a world history of higher Education a miracle, 20 years to create a world-class university, these old beauty has not done Ah! It proved to be one of the most rewarding places to be and very impressed.

From the university station to the Rainbow Station, and then take the 11-way minibus went up the hill again. When I saw the sign of the "Clear Water Bay" outside the minibus, I knew it was almost time to arrive. Sure enough, the car stopped in a few minutes next to a turntable, this is the hkust!

Into the hkust, first known as the "Turkey." There is a group of students holding "Hohai University" in there photo, I did not go up to chat. Hkust really very energetic place, a walk in, do not know is the psychological function or what, feel very comfortable, a bit surging. And this year is its 25 anniversary celebration, "Dare to create the future" motto everywhere, it can be seen that this is a very ambitious university, yes, good.

(a short 25-year history of school construction)

Walk through the Jockey Club lobby, is the legendary invincible sea view! The photos are definitely not half shocked. This is still cloudy, sunny day certainly more unbelievable (my word is poor ~. ~), is really both academic, can also be rowing! Next to someone in the drone, the cry of a flying sky, disappear, and then look at the vast sea, feeling clear Water Bay is really a good place.

Because I had an appointment with the computer Department doctor Wang, after enjoying the sea view, I started looking for a computer department. This time the problem came, Doctor Wang told me his room in 3520, which building? In the principle of self-reliance, I looked at the map, the heart of a "lying trough", their main building is a!!! The other buildings are almost all dormitories, that is, in this building alone, a group of big-hkust to prop up the signboard! Can not help but respect, think of the domestic so good conditions, many people have finally made something ... Look at the map I can not find 3520, I had to resort to student service center, the aunt (not Chinese) particularly good, help me to use the computer to carefully check the map, told me to sit lift 25. That's what it turns out to be! To which department to sit which elevator, interesting! Through a long corridor, I found the lift 25, up to the third floor, see the first act I think it is enough for me to kneel half a day. The above scholars casually take one up to the mainland, are the big coffee class. And it's worth mentioning that faculty's forms are alphabetical and not related to your title, and I think that in some parts of the continent, President Chen and Professor Yang will definitely be on the front.

(Honor room)

I found 3520,doctor Wang Also, he saw me and took the initiative to shake hands with me. I can see that he is very busy, but still give me more than half an hour. I study abroad, the direction of scientific research and so asked some questions, feel they do things and the mainland is similar, he and I said that the distribution of the basic can understand, maybe only we do 5, 6 points, others to do 9, 10 points difference. After learning about Hkust's basic information, I finally asked him why he chose Hkust (I even told him to go to Jiaotong University on his terms, get the youth thousand people, or at least do an associate professor should be no problem). He and I say that is the reason for the people, on the condition of the mainland may be better, but hkust so many first-class scholars are to attract him the most important reason. Think of it, too, to work with so many big-class elite, other conditions are not good! When he left, he shook hands with me again and wished me good Luck, which might have been a very common practice, but it felt very respectable.

Leaving the office, I was in the chair of the Hkust Promenade for a while (I said I was feeling the atmosphere of the prestigious school, do you believe it?) At the end of the day I bought two books at Hkust to make souvenirs (for the first time I was willing to buy souvenirs for another university, one for my brother, one for myself), a 11-way minibus back to the subway station, and four universities to travel through.


Mei Yiqi once said that "the so-called university, not so-called building is also known as the Master of the". I think this is the most appropriate way to describe a university in Hong Kong. In terms of area, besides being like a university, the others are like a mainland high school. But the level of Hong Kong's colleges and universities are not known to the mainland of the few streets, it is that they have those serious "masters." In fact, the environment is always just an auxiliary, how to play the blame upgrade not all on their own? "The Stanford and the paddle!" "The university really has to you to grow the necessary conditions are provided to you, not to use, instead of complaining that others did not send over, this is not what the idiot." This experience also let me see a lot of similarities between the elite, and see the difference between first-class and non-inflow. "Long Way to repair the road", there are better schools worth exploring, look out!


University Shandao (Hong Kong chapter)

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