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Rackspace recently released a survey on cloud hosting. The company visited 1500 British and U.S. small and medium-sized companies and asked if they knew what cloud hosting was and whether they planned to use cloud hosting in the future. The results are surprising. The most important finding is that there is a big gap between small and medium-sized enterprises in their acceptance of cloud hosting.

Medium-sized enterprises are obviously more familiar with cloud hosting, or are using or planning to use it in the future. Small enterprises know little about cloud hosting, and 59% of small enterprises do not intend to use cloud hosting services.

Jonathan Bryce, co-founder of mosso (one of rackspace), was puzzled by the result, because in his opinion, cloud hosting is an ideal choice for small companies: easy to use, no IT personnel or hardware equipment. In addition, small companies generally have only one or two decision makers, making it easier for medium-sized enterprises to implement cloud hosting.


Jonathan also pointed out that people are confused about the cloud boom (cloud hosting, cloud application software, cloud computing, etc.), especially for small company owners. They are not concerned about technology and only care about daily operation policy decisions. Although cloud hosting can help small business owners save money, improve the company, and eliminate troubles, it is usually something that small business owners want, such as survival problems, personnel recruitment problems, and customer satisfaction problems.

Jonathan gave a way to change this trend: let small business owners learn more about multi-cloud hosting solutions, and learn about the direct benefits of using cloud hosting.

Small business owners are concerned about solving the problem. If cloud hosting providers want to seize the small business market, they must provide specific solutions.

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