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The reason we offer US zip code today is that you need to provide this ZIP codeWhen registering for a foreign account, because the U.S. service in general is intended for the United States, or even only for the United States.

Here are some zip code listings for the United States .

Zip Code City (state)
12201 Albany newyork (NY)
30301 Atlanta Georgia (GA)
21401 Annapolis Maryland (MD)
21201 Baltimore Maryland (MD)
35201 Birmingham Alabama (AL)
14201 Buffalo newyork (NY)
60601 CHICAGO Illinois (IL)
45201 Cincinnati Ohio (OH)
44101 Cleveland Ohio (OH)
43085 Columbus Ohio (OH)
71953 Dallas Arkansas (AR)
80002 Denver Colorado (CO)
99701 Fairbanks Alaska (AK)
19019 Philidelphia Pennsylvania (PA)
96801 Honolulu Hawii (HI)
46201 Indianapolis Indiana (in)
32099 Jacksonville FLORIDA (FL)
64101 Kansas City Missouri (MO)
90001 Los Angeles California (CA)
89101 Las Vegas Navada (NV)
55199 Minneapolis Minnesota (MN)
10001 New York newyork (NY)
70112 New Orleaans Louisana (LA)
68046 Omaha Nebraska (NE)
85001 Phoenix Arizona (AZ)
15122 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (PA)
84101 Salt Lake City Utah (UT)
94203 Sacramento California (CA)
92101 San Diego California (CA)
94101 San Francisco California (CA)
95101 San Jose California (CA)
55101 Saint Paul Minnesota (MN)
63101 Saint Louis Missouri (MO)
98101 Seattle Washington (WA)
33601 Tampa FLORIDA (FL)

US ZIP Code List

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