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The computer installs the system to have many methods, the hard disk installment method, the U disk installs the method, the CD-ROM installation method and so on. Now the more mainstream installation system that is a U disk installation system, through the U disk to do the boot disk, then the BIOS related settings, different versions of the computer, set the method is not the same, the following small series for everyone to bring the BIOS set U disk start Diagram Tutorial, Hope to help you sometimes need to do with a U disk boot disk to start the computer, how to set it? The following Acer desktop as an example to tell you in detail. Hope to be helpful to everyone!

Tools/raw Materials

Acer desktop


1, press the power button to start the computer, immediately press the keyboard "Del" key, into the BIOS.

2, press the keyboard area arrow direction key, move Select item to "Boot Options" (startup option). )

3, move the cursor to the "Device" option, and then press "enter" key. When the dialog box appears, move the cursor to removable Device, and then press Enter.

4, move the cursor to "Exit", press "enter" key to enter.

5. In the Save & Exit Setup dialog box, select Yes. Insert U disk restart, this time U disk is the first boot device, the USB disk was launched.

Attention matters

Different computers into the BIOS may be slightly different, some press "F2", some Press "Del", please refer to the screen start information selection.

The above is the BIOS setup u disk start Diagram Tutorial, I hope you like!

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