USB Mini Wireless Card Win7 desktop PC build WiFi method

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Since the millet mobile phone, the time to do more Android, especially wireless internet use. At home There is a wireless router, mobile phone to see a movie is very good. Sometimes in the office to transfer data, and do not want to frequently dial the vulnerable data interface, so consider also want to get a WiFi source. (Extension: Win7 laptop One-click Set WiFi)

Consider two scenarios

Plan One: Buy a wireless router, connect to the desktop computer at the same time the launch of WiFi, so that the computer mobile phone at the same time Internet. But the drawbacks are obvious because the desktop's IP address is "LAN". Because often in the classroom computer 3389 remote Connection My host, this is very troublesome, it is said to apply for dynamic domain name and so on. Think of this and give up the plan at once.

Scheme two: Buy a USB mini card, support wireless AP mode, can receive, and can launch WiFi signal. This is a lot of good. First, the cost is low, more than 20 pieces of line can be solved. Second, the use of their own, the signal does not need to be very strong, others search use. Its third, USB interface, no need to occupy the cable interface, no power plug. Its four, is also the most important, is that my host IP is still the school's network segment IP, and other computers can easily share files and interconnection!

Amazon took a tp-link tl-wn725n,¥38 and tested it through!!

In the installation process, there are no small trouble, here also recorded:

I do not know if the Win7 64-bit operating system, the installation after the drive is more cumbersome to set up. There have been a lot of false hints at first, such as:

1. Failed to get the ICS list, please reopen the application as an administrator.

2. Configuring Softap mode failed, please check and disconnect the point-to-point network or reboot the network card.


But obviously is not the host network card drive problem, but sets the problem, solves the problem only half a day.

The method is as follows:

1, Control Panel – Network and Sharing Center – Change adapter settings, right-click "Local Area Connection"-Properties, switch to the Sharing tab

Two tick, "Home network Connection" Select the wireless card that. Are you sure. If there is an error, check to see if you have disabled the Firewall service. Follow these steps to open the firewall.

Start Running – Enter services.msc, locate Windows Firewall, double-click the Set Startup type to be automatic, and then start the service, OK.

After this is done, go back to the Tp-link interface. Re-open Softap mode

At first glance, this interface is confused, it seems not, Internet Connection Sharing, and IP are empty, but, with a mobile phone, pass, the speed is fast

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