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If you feel that setting up the BIOS is more difficult, according to your computer type, select the Hot key, directly start a key USB disk installation system Tools (Important reminder: Select Hot Key before, please insert U disk)

Assembly Machine Motherboard Brand Notebook Brand Desktop
Motherboard Brand Start the key Notebook Brand Start the key Desktop Brands Start the key
ASUS Motherboard F8 Lenovo Notebook h1| Lenovo Desktop h1|
Gigabyte Motherboard F12 Macro-Base Notebook F12 HP Desktop F12
MSI Motherboard F11 ASUS Notebook Esc Macro-Base Desktop F12
Ying Tai Motherboard F9 HP Notebook F9 Dell Desktop Esc
Soyo Motherboard ESC or F12 Lenovo ThinkPad F12 Shenzhou Desktop F12
Seven Rainbow Motherboard ESC or F11 Dell Notebooks F12 ASUS Desktop F8
China engine Motherboard F11 Shenzhou Notebook F12 Founder Desktop F12
Spartan Card Board Esc Toshiba Notebook F12 Tsinghua Tongfang Desktop F12
Onda Motherboard F11 Samsung Notebooks F12 Haier desktop F12
Double-sensitive motherboard Esc IBM Notebooks F12 BenQ Desktop F8
Cheung Sheng Motherboard F10 Fujitsu Notebooks F12
Elite motherboards ESC or F11 Haier Notebook F12
Crown Leader Board F11 or F12 Founder Notebook F12
Fuji Kang Motherboard ESC or F12 Tsinghua Tongfang Notebook F12
Top Star Motherboard F11 or F12 MSI notebook F11
Ming Szeto Motherboard Esc BenQ Notebook F9
Tracker Motherboard F8 Gigabyte Notebook F12
Tepo Motherboard Esc Gateway Notebook F12
Intel motherboard F12 emachines Notebook F12
Jay Micro Motherboard ESC or F8 Sony notebooks Esc
To Ming Motherboard h1|
Pan UK motherboard Esc
Pan Positive Motherboard Esc
Crown and inscription motherboard F9
Note: Other models Please try or refer to the above brand common startup hotkey
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