Usboot/winhex recover the faulty USB flash drive data file

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During work, we use a USB flash drive to save files. I wrote a file and saved it only on the USB flash drive. But we inserted the USB flash drive into the computer and tried to edit the file again. Why did the computer prompt us to format the USB flash drive? Why can't I browse these files! At this time, don't panic to format the USB flash drive. The following methods may help you recover files on the USB flash drive.

Item: A formatted USB flash drive and a computer with a USB interface (Windows XP system) are continuously prompted );
Software Tools: usboot v1.68, winhex v12.5

Step 1: copy the data from the USB flash drive to an IMG Image File
First, run usboot and insert the USB flash disk. usboot will find the newly inserted USB flash disk and save the data in the following sequence:
1. Select the USB flash drive;
2. Click "Click here to select work mode" to bring up a menu and select "Back Up To File;
3. Click Start ";
4. At this time, usboot will pop up a "backup U disk as a file" dialog box, enter a name such as "backup_disk_u", and then click Save.
5. Please wait patiently for usboot to work until the message is displayed that the data is successfully saved. During this period, ensure that the USB flash drive is not moved and the computer is not powered off.

Step 2: Use winhex to restore Data
After successfully saving the USB flash drive data to an IMG image file, start winhex, open the backup_disk_u.img file, and select the "disk Tools" sub-menu in the "Tools" menu, use "file recovery by type ..." Function menu.

In the displayed window, restore the file:
1. "select file Type (s):" indicates the file type to be restored. For example, if the file type you want to restore is word, select "MS Office "; "mimize" is a custom file type. You can add a file type that is not in the list;
2. "Output Folder:" is used to store the recovered files. We set it to "C: \ recoverydisku ";
3. "create subfolder for each file type" creates a sub-directory for each file type. We select this function;
4. "search at sector boundaries" is the search mode. If the disk capacity is not large, you can select this mode. If the disk capacity is large, you can select "search at cluster boundaries, if possible mode, if you want to be more precise, you can select the extensive byte-level Search byte search mode, which is slower.
5. "respect individual default size in file type definitions" is the estimated File Size Based on the definition of the file type. We can select this function.
6. Finally, click "OK" and wait for the file to be restored.

After the above operations are completed, we can open the c: \ recoverydisku Directory, which will find many types of folders, for example, the doc folder contains many files like "file aw ..." Check the file name one by one. If you are lucky, you may find the file you have lost, or the file may be damaged. If you open the file with an error, move the cursor to the Office file, if the office summary prompt appears, you can open the file or quickly know the content of the file.
In addition to the above method, the backup USB flash disk image file can be virtualized into a virtual disk, and then the data of these files can be restored using some disk file restoration tools or disk tools.
The above is the method I tried to help a colleague restore the USB flash drive data. I hope it will be helpful to everyone and try to avoid having to only store files in the USB flash drive.
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