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SEO industry has always been a large number of myths, in recent years, there are a large number of overflowing cattle station constantly challenge our common sense, how these cattle stations rely on SEO in just a few years or even a few months time to increase the flow to millions or millions of? SEO is a combination of links and content, in the past there have been a lot of Daniel from the content of the incisive analysis, but limited by the link tool-Yahoo link query has been closed, other Chinese link query tools are only inquiries home page, Bing data is completely not to force- For these cattle stations outside the analysis of the link less people involved, but Baidu opened on November 22 webmaster Tools of the whole network link query, with this tool, the author analyzes several recent High-profile cattle station, a little gain, here with you to share.

1, a variety of connection sources

A movie website, registered only 3 years, 2 million traffic, hereinafter referred to as the film station, Baidu Webmaster platform after the query link with the export function to download to the local, sorted after the generation of Excel pie chart, (such as figure I) we can clearly see that the site even the largest number of links to the source, the proportion of the link is not more than 20%, The number of links is evenly distributed.

(Figure I: 2 million flow movie station link source distribution)

Figure II of the chart is another cattle station, his traffic is less, only 1 million, but this article stood in August 11, only 1 years on the day into 800,000 IP, hereinafter referred to as the article station his link source chart shows more obvious. The number of links in the first source is only 10%.

(Figure 2:1 million traffic article station link source distribution)

Compared to some unfortunate by K's peer site (Figure 2), the first three sources of the number of links occupy more than 60% of all links, the source of high concentration of links, it is likely to be Baidu is the manipulation of links. Therefore, the webmaster in the link, must make their own source of the links dispersed, a single link to the source of the link ratio should not exceed 20%

(Figure three: A 100,000 link number by K movie website.) )

2. Distributed Link Entrance

Baidu Webmaster platform outside the chain tool can also query the linked page, many friends in the link when like a head to the home page, this behavior is equally dangerous, the site in Figure 7 is such a situation, in 822 by K only recently recovered, but the flow has been cleared. and 2 millions other cattle stations, their linked pages are evenly distributed on the channel and inside the page, perhaps the search engine will consider such links more natural.

(Figure four: the number of movie stations being linked)

(Figure V: Movie station is linked to the number of pie chart)

(Figure VI: The number of times the article station is linked)

(Figure VII: The number of links to a K Web site chart)

3, quality content is the most important source of connection

In the process of analysis, a phenomenon worthy of concern is that most excellent sites, links from the top 5 of the source will inevitably appear 360doc.360doc claiming to be online library, but in fact almost can be considered a large collection station, but is not a machine collection, but to encourage users to collect content on their website. Why do cattle stations have so much content from 360doc? In fact, regardless of the source diversity of links, or links to diversify the portal, human resources can only play a query according to the external chain of the results of the modified function, the real help you hair outside the chain or netizens, netizens spontaneously help you reproduced to share the link is the quality of the link, and all this depends on us to provide high-quality content. Of course, you have to add your own inner chain to the article.

Attached: Common full Web link query tool address


Baidu Webmaster platform data are all in the beta:

Bing Webmaster tools are occasionally inaccessible with less data:


Ahrefs features a powerful free user currently can only query 15 sites:

SEOmoz free users have query restrictions:

Backlinkwatch free, but the amount of data is small, advertising more:

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