Use browser developer tools and extensions to download network video

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No other software, only the browser itself "developer Tools" can download the network video directly, do not believe it. Try it together.

First, download the network video using the browser developer tools

IE 9 Find "hang" link to start

IE 9 Browser New developer tools, you can use its monitoring function, to find the real address of the video.

Press the F12 function key, activate the developer tool, switch to the "Network" tab, click "Start Capture", and then open the Web page to play the video, the tool will automatically record all the browser activity details and display.

There are a lot of items in the list, which is the video we want. We can look for "result", "type" and "spent" both "(hang ...)", "URL" contains ". flv" or ". F4V" (a few sites will also use other suffixes), "initiator" is "Flash" that, basically can be sure that we need the video address, Double-click the address link, then select Save As or copy the link and download it with a different tool.

Check "Hang ...", select the one that the program is flash

  Firefox Video starts playing and then looking up from the bottom

Firefox 4 provides the "Web Console" feature, click the Orange "Firefox button →web developer tools →web Console" (You can also press the shortcut key Ctrl+shift+k) to bring up this tool, in order to reduce the amount of information, you can click on the upper left corner "CSS", "JS", " Web Developer "Three buttons unchecked, leaving only" network ".

Then open the Web page to play the video, the list of information will be rolled up, when the video starts to play, the scrolling is basically stopped, we can find from the bottom of the address contains ". flv", ". f4v" and other suffix names (can be entered in the upper-right filter box in these keywords to filter), the following brackets do not display After all the buffers are complete, a link to the video will basically determine the address that we want. Right click on the link can be copied, with the address, how to download it with you ...

The links in the Network Information list can be clicked to see the details, watch the FLV, F4V and other keywords

  view large files after Chrome sorting

Chrome also provides developer tools, and is the most convenient one to use in three browsers. To do this: Open the page where the video is located, click the Wrench button on the right side of the address bar → tools → developer tools, then tap Network, and finally start playing the video (refresh the page if the video starts playing automatically). Wait a while, will capture a lot of information, click "Size" to sort, where the larger file is probably the video, very good identification, double-click the corresponding video file name, you can save it.

Sort by size, easy to find

It is possible to download videos with browser developer tools, but it is somewhat inconvenient to operate them. Therefore, it is necessary to use Browser extensions to enhance this functionality.

more convenient to download network video with browser extension

While it's possible to download videos with developer tools, it's somewhat inconvenient to do so. Therefore, it is necessary to use Browser extensions to enhance this functionality.

  Firefox browser extension: Netvideohunter

Installation Method: Click the menu "tools → add-ons", enter Netvideohunter in the "Add-ons manager" search box to search, click Install and then restart the browser.

How to use: When playing video, the button will blink, wait a moment, when the button is no longer flashing, click on it, the component will list all the sniffer video information, and provide the play and download function, we can click "Play" to preview, find the appropriate point "download".

Click on the blue icon of the toolbar to open the extension interface, through the bottom right corner of the interface "Options", you can set the video save location, the component button display location and so on.

  Chrome browser extension: Kuber China Video Downloader

Installation method: Search the extension or open the following address, click "Add to Chrome "is ready to use after installation.

How to use: When playing video, click the icon of the extension in the Address bar, the new open Web page will show the video's true download address, can be saved by "link Save as" and other methods to download these videos, but also more convenient.

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