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Support for extensions in chrome initiallyProgramYou cannot use extensions in stealth mode, because many users save some data, and data is saved in violation of the principle of stealth mode. However, for many users who often use chrome in stealth mode, extensions such as mouse gestures and passwordmaker cannot be used in stealth mode. This is also the reason why chrome cannot support expansion in stealth mode.

The fish and the bear's paw cannot have both sides. After a discussion by the Chrome team, it is decided that users can decide which extensions can work in stealth mode and which ones cannot. For example, if you believe that this extension will not store your sensitive data, you can independently enable it to be used in stealth mode, and vice versa.

For example, it is not a good idea to make an extension that will save all your browsing records in stealth mode. However, it cannot be said completely. If developers are willing to try the latest solution we provide, they may not save your browsing records in stealth mode. Of course, it depends on developers.

Now, all chrome versions have enabled the extended feature in stealth mode, and enter the extended management page, you will find that each extension is followed by a "enable in stealth mode" check box. If you trust this extension and are willing to make it work in stealth mode, you can select this check box. Of course, to disable an extension from working in stealth mode, you only need to deselect this check box.

During development and expansion, developers should consider not to save information in stealth mode as much as possible, you can check whether chrome works in stealth mode by TAG or incognito of the window object, or use chrome in content scripts. extension. inincognitotab to determine, you can view the design documentation here to learn more.

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