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Excel 2007 has the ability to automatically add table field headers. When we enter table data in Excel2007, if you apply a table style to the table, as long as you enter data in a blank cell to the right of the table, Excel2007 automatically adds a new field heading and automatically identifies and applies the appropriate name and format. You just need to focus on the input of the next important data without having to spend any effort on the formatting and appearance of the table.

Diagram: Automatically add field headers

Let's take a look at how to use Excel 2007 to automatically add table field headers to this feature.

Make a simple table (pictured) at your disposal first.

Diagram: Making a table

box to select the table data.

Diagram: Box selection table

Applies a table format to the selected table data in the Excel2007 Ribbon Ribbon.


Diagram: Apply formatting to the selected table

In the pop-up Prompts dialog box, check "table contains title", indicating that the first row of the table we selected now is the header row. Otherwise Excel will automatically add an extra header row for us.

Diagram: Check "table contains title"

The table below is determined, and the table we created earlier has been applied to the selected table style.

Diagram: Style takes effect

Now we continue to enter the numbers in the right margin of the table (the Red box portion of the following figure) to see what happens next.

Diagram: Enter data to trigger automatic headers

Excel 2007 automatically adds the table field Title feature to take effect--the title bar automatically appears "Tuesday".

Diagram: Automatically add table field title "Tuesday"

Now we're going to enter a number 45 in the horizontal expansion area of the table, as shown below. (Note: Enter a number should be close to the existing data column, do not jump column input)

Diagram: Continue entering numbers

The title bar automatically appears "Wednesday", and Excel 2007 automatically adds the table field header feature to take effect.

Diagram: Automatically add table field title "Wednesday"

Now we move the mouse to the lower right corner of the table's valid range (the Red circle section below), and when the mouse turns into a diagonal double arrow, press the mouse Zuojian to the right and stretch the table wide.

Diagram: Prepare to widen the table with the mouse handle

Excel 2007 automatically adds a table field heading feature will appear in the title bar "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday", "Sunday" in turn. Very convenient.

Diagram: Widening table can also trigger automatic add function

If we continue to widen the table to the right, "Sunday 2" and "Sunday 3" will appear in the title bar. You should pay attention to it when you use it.

Diagram: Default Auto Fill result

We retract the table range back to the initial width (two columns), revise the previous "Monday" to "Sunday", broaden the table, and see how Excel 2007 behaves.

Icon: Modify the first title "Sunday"

We see that the table field heading automatically generates "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", and "Saturday" after "Sunday", and "Saturday 2" appears if you continue to widen the table.

Diagram: The fields that are generated by an overly spread table

Here's a summary of how Excel 2007 automatically adds table field headers to the use of this feature:

1, you need to first apply table style to the table.

2, close to the existing data column input numbers, Excel will automatically fill the field headings, jump-column input is not functional.

3, the table with the mouse widening operation, Excel will automatically fill the field title.

4, the function of the default automatic padding is mainly the order of the field content growth, the table widening excessive may produce some illogical field content, should pay attention to when using.

Diagram: Excessive table widening may result in some illogical field content

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