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In the previous articleArticleWe have achieved personal calendar and member calendar sharing. Nowadays, mobile terminals are widely used. More people prefer to use mobile phones to manage their calendars. This is what we want to do, of course, this is not a text message using a mobile phone number, but a synchronization of logs in Android with an account (Apple's colleagues can't help but do it, I hope I can share it with you ). Next, let's talk about how I implemented it.

1. Set and synchronize calendars for accounts.

Select "account and synchronization" in "Settings" of the andorid system and add a Google synchronization account. The account name and password are the Gmail account and password we used earlier. Set the parameters as follows.

(Gallery 1)

Now, we have set up a synchronization account and enabled the "background data" and "automatic synchronization" features. Select the account we just set, that is, the third screen on the left, and click the menu key of the mobile phone, as shown in the rightmost figure above,Select "Synchronize now ". In this way, the schedule data has been synchronized to the mobile phone.. The following is how to view it.

2. view the synchronized calendar.

To view the calendar conveniently, we add a quick calendar on the desktop of the mobile phone. The procedure is as follows:

(Gallery 2)

On a blank screen of the mobile phone, press and hold the screen to display the window on the left. Select "window gadgets" and then select "My Calendar" (not "calendar" on the left 2). OK, "My Calendar" is displayed, as shown in 3 on the left. As shown in the figure above, there is an icon in the upper right corner of and 22, that is, there is a schedule. Click "22" to display the content on the Left 4. It not only shows my own schedule, but also shows calendars of friends I shared with and the Schedule content. Click two of them to view details.

(Gallery 3)

Select "familiar with Google Calendar usage" to view the calendar. As shown in figure 1 above, the calendar name ("My Calendar"), time period, and location are displayed) and details. Select "friend calendar, test" next to it. As shown in Figure 2 above, "Friend a calendar" is displayed ". This indicates that,After synchronization, it will not only synchronize your calendar schedule, but also synchronize the calendar schedule shared to others. This is very important to the team!

3. Synchronize the mobile phone calendar to the Google Calendar.

When we are on a business trip, or when we are not on the computer, we can view the schedule of our colleagues through 1 and 2 above, and of course we can also use the mobile phone schedule. There are many ways to add a calendar on a mobile phone. You can click "+" in the bottom right corner of the Left 4 in Gallery 2 ",

(Gallery 4)

Select "Mobile Phone" from the top 1 to the left, so that it will not be synchronized to the Google Calendar. Here, we select the Gmail account and add a calendar "mobile phone test ", you can enter other information. Click "finish" from the drop-down list ". In this way, we can see that there is another arrangement in today's schedule, which we just added. However, when you open the Google Calendar, you will not see this arrangement, because there is no synchronization. Click the "more"-> "Account" button on the mobile phone menu. After selecting our synchronization account, the system displays 3 on the left of Gallery 1, and then selects synchronization. At the same time, refresh the Google Calendar, OK, and the calendar has just been synchronized (as shown in )!

The red part is a schedule shared by another friend. It will be displayed at the same time. Its style (color) is different from its own. We can set it by ourselves (for example ), select a color to distinguish.

Above, we have completed data synchronization between Google Calendar and mobile terminal (Android platform.

4. Select synchronization and display settings

If you are a project supervisor, you may have to check the schedules of several colleagues or share all the data. You can click the mobile phone menu key on the left 3 of Gallery 4, select "more"-> "calendar", and select the calendar for "synchronization" and "display, you can perform classification filtering. Set 4.


Of course, good tools, without good implementation plans and practical capabilities, will not bring much real benefits and benefits. I hope this article (combined with the previous article) will provide you with a little inspiration and help. You are also welcome to give other suggestions and guidance!

PS: The second article in the reference document can bring you some other Google Calendar usage. You can use the help documentation of Google Calendar to synchronize with outlook and provide other detailed help documents.


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