Use Microsoft HTML Help Workshop to create a CHM Help File

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Production tool: Microsoft HTML Help Workshop v1.3 English version

1. Open Microsoft HTML Help Workshop;

2. Execute the menu "file"-> "new", select "project" in the pop-up interface, click "OK", and click Next.

In the "destination" interface of, enter the name of the project file, here we enter demo, click "Browse .." select the path of the project file

Path, select the path (here I select the yeying folder on the desktop), and enter

Project name "Demo", click "open" button. Then click "Next" button-> "Next", and finally "complete, then you can see

A demo. HHP project file has been generated under the yeying folder. You can double-click this project file to edit it.

3. Click the "contents" label in the HTML Help Workshop. A "Table of Contents Not specified" field is displayed.

, Prompting us to create a new contents file, click "OK" to bring up the "Save. HHC" dialog box, select the path to save,

Here, I select the yeying folder on the desktop and click "save.

4. Create a topic and a file
Step 1: import the topic and file.
(1) create a topic. Click "insert a heading" in the button group on the left to bring up the "Table of Contents entry" field.

In the "Entry Title" field, enter the topic name first. In the "alternate URL" section below, click "Add/edit" and select

When the topic is clicked, select a. htm file in the dialog box and click "OK.

(2) create a page. Click "insert a page" in the button group on the left to bring up the "Table of Contents entry" field.

In the "Entry Title" field, enter the Page name firstpage. In the "alternate URL" below, click "Add/edit" and select

Click the page opened when the topic is clicked in the Help file. In the dialog box, select a. htm file and click OK.

(3) edit the project file
After creating the project file, you can edit it in the "project" tab, click "Change Project Options" in the left-side button group

The "option" interface is displayed. In the "gegeral" tab, you can enter the title of the CHM help file to be created in "title". In the "Default

In file, you can enter the path of A. htm file. For example:
C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/desktop/yeying/demo.htm, and click OK.

Step 2: Compile HTML files
Click compile HTML file in the toolbar to compile the added HTML file.

The other steps are similar. You can also select a topic or page and click the "Edit selection" button in the left-side button group to edit the master

Question or page.

5. Call the CHM help file in the application.
Take C # as an example. Copy the Help file you just created to the DEBUG directory of your C # program, and double-click the "help" button in the menu,

Add the following code:
Help. showHelp (this, @ "demo. chm ");
Then, add a shortcut key F1 for the "help" menu, so that when the program is running, Press F1 to open the Help file.

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