Use skin skin file to implement a program skin change in VS 2005

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Or as usual, write a little tutorial, hehe.

First run your VS 2005, create a new Web site project, and then you can start with the program skin.

This example is concerned with the following elements:

1, the establishment of Web Form file;
2, establish skin appearance document;
3, the establishment of database files;

First, drag and drop the two GridView control, a button control, and two link tags in your default.aspx file, and drag it back to the following diagram:

After drag, default.aspx file source code as follows:

1 <% @ Page language= "C #" autoeventwireup= "true" codefile= "Default.aspx.cs" inherits= "_default" theme= "Default"% >
3 <! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 transitional//en" "Http:// ">
5 < HTML xmlns = "" >
6 < head runat = "server" >
7 < title > Untitled page </title >
8 9 < BODY style = "font-size:12px;" >
< form ID = "Form1" runat = "server" >
< div >
< Asp:hyperlink ID = "HyperLink1" runat = "server" NAVIGATEURL = "~/default.aspx?" Skin=default "> Default skin </asp:hyperlink >
< Asp:hyperlink ID = "HyperLink2" runat = "server" NAVIGATEURL = "~/default.aspx?" Skin=diy "> Personality skin </asp:hyperlink >< br/>
< br/>
< Asp:gridview ID = "GridView1" runat = "server" Height = "99px" Width = "254px" >
</Asp:gridview >
< br/>
</div >
< Asp:button ID = "Button1" runat = "server" Text = "button" Height = "40px" Width = "109px"/>
< br/>
< br/>
< Asp:gridview ID = "GridView2" runat = "server" Height = "91px" SkinID = "Gridviewskin" Width = "267px" &G T
</Asp:gridview >
</form >
</Body >
</HTML >

When you're done, on the VS menu, point to "website"--"Add New Item", add appearance file, file name is, the development tool will automatically create a App_Themes folder, for instructions on this folder, please refer to MSDN.

The contents of the file are as follows:
1 <%--
2//document name: Skin Skins
3//Author: Li Xiyuan
4//Date: 2006-12-01
5//Support website:
6//Personal Blog:
8 < Asp:gridview runat = "server" BackColor = "Green" >
9 < AlternatingRowStyle BackColor = "Blue"/>
Ten </Asp:gridview >
< Asp:gridview runat = "server" SkinId = "Gridviewskin" BackColor = "#C0FFC0" >
< AlternatingRowStyle BackColor = "#C0C0FF"/>
</Asp:gridview >

Note: Here is a description, if you use theme in a page page, when defined in the skin, be aware of:

<asp:gridview runat= "Server" backcolor= "Green" >
<asp:gridview runat= "Server" skinid= "Gridviewskin" backcolor= "Green";
There are different meanings, one adds SkinId, one does not, All two sets the skin for the GridView in the page, but if you do not specify a definition for SkinID, it is for all GridView controls in the page, and if you specify a definition for SkinID, it refers to one of the GridView controls in the page. You need to pay attention here. (So, I'm going to drag two GridView in the WebForm page to illustrate this)

Then, create a skin file with the following file contents:
 1 <%

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