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Method One: Use cookies, once and for all
Cookies through IE "file-import and Export" to the login information through cookies to save (AO This feature mobile MS can not be used), has seen someone wrote that "FALSE" space after the "10********" modified to "16********" You can increase the validity period to 20 (select the Details view in the IE cache, and you can see the expiration date in the deadline). In other places through the import of cookies, used to login to the forum, but also worthy of a very convenient way, but when you leave must remember to empty it.

Method Two: one-click Login
In the forum to submit the user name and password, the grab tool (such as: Etherdetect Packet sniffer, etc.) to view the post data, and then use the variables of the data to get a key login address, you can directly view the form login code to get this address, Then enter this address in the browser can be a key to login forum. Put your username and password into the following URL, copy the text, create a new bookmark, the next time you want to open the forum directly to the bookmark has been automatically logged on, do not need to fill in the username and password each time.
"Discuz! 6.0.0 ":

http://Forum address/logging.php?action=login&loginsubmit=true?&username= your username &password= your password

If you have security questions, then you need to take the &questionid= security Question code &answer= your answer, which security questions code "No security Questions" when 0, the following questions according to 1,2,3 ... Sequential analogy. Take the &loginmode=normal as normal mode, invisible for stealth mode. You can also change your username in the address to &uid= your UID number (the &username= will see your UID number on your personal Information Bar after registering).
If you are in the Internet café, it is best to set cookies into the "browser process", then take the &cookietime=0 on the back, the general default Save as &cookietime=2592000, cookies are valid for one months.
"Dvbbs Version 8.0.0sp1,7.1.0 Sp1, etc.":

http://Forum address/login.asp?action=chk&username= your username &password= your password
Cookies are set with &cookiedate= value, 0 is not saved, 1 is a day, 2 is January, 3 is one year. With the &userhidden=1 as stealth mode, 2 is normal mode.
Have the verification code need to take on the &codestr= value, if the forum login needs verification code verification, then this one-key login method is almost invalid, only through other means to log in.
Some forums (such as JuJu cat) belong to dvbbs.php 2.0 release, the ASP in the address to be replaced with php,cookies is similar to the discuz!, the value is the number of seconds to save time.
"Phpwind v6.0":

http://Forum address/pw_ajax.php?action=login&pwuser= your username &pwpwd= your password
or http://forum address/login.php?pwuser= your username &pwpwd= your password

But these two addresses are not normal login (reason I am not clear), using the previous address, the "User name or password is empty" prompt, the next address directly to the login page.
There are individual phpwind forums, such as the Chinese hacker League use is Phpwind v 5.0, you can use the following address to login directly

Http*:// your username &pwpwd= your password.

Because of the above address problems, you can change another way, where necessary, add the following login code, the following code to copy to Notepad, change the suffix to htm, log in at a later only need to open the login can be.

<form action=http://Forum Address/login.php method=post><tr><td>
<input Type=hidden Name=step value=2>
<input Type=hidden Name=cktime value=31536000>
<input type=text size=8 value= your username name=pwuser>
<input type=password size=8 value= your password name=pwpwd>
<input type=submit value= ' login ' >

With the above code, although you can save each login to enter the user name and password, but the login or need to press "login" key can be boarded, so there is a little trouble, and then add a script directly can log on up, even press the login key can be omitted.

<!--saved from url= (0032) http://forum address/index.php-->
<body onload= ' Document.form1.submit (); ' >
<form name= ' Form1 ' action= ' http://forum address/login.php ' method= ' post ' >
<input Type=hidden Name=step value=2>
<input Type=hidden Name=cktime value=31536000>
<input type= "hidden" name=pwuser type=text size=8 value= your username >
<input type= "hidden" name=pwpwd type=password size=8 value= your password >

The pages made from the above code need to run ActiveX or scripting, and Internet Explorer may be prompted if it is set to disable ActiveX or scripting. Another 0032 of the first line is the length of the back string, which varies according to the actual length of the URL.
Our common forum is generally these three, other forum systems, such as the use of "VBulletin Version 3.0.1" Tornado Acura Forum, a key landing address:

Http*:// your username &cookieuser=1&vb_login_password=&s=& Do=login&forceredirect=1&vb_login_md5password= your password after 32-bit MD5 encrypted code

The encrypted code can be calculated using any MD5 encryption tool.
"Bbsforce Forum":

http://Forum address/login.php?username= your username &passwd= your password

Because the account password in the above address is in clear text form, although easy to use, but the password is also very easy to expose, if you are seen, the account may be stolen, in order to facilitate the security at the same time, you can convert the ID and password to the URL code form (account password for Chinese characters only use, English and numbers do not need this), Can prevent passwords from leaking to some extent. How to convert it? For example, my id "Gone with the Wind," can be directly in Baidu Search this word in Chinese, will find that the URL in the search process bar will become a string of format strings encoding, such as HTTP*://WWW.BAIDU.COM/S?WD=%C2%D2%CA%C0%BF%F1%C8%CB &cl=3, then its URL code is%C2%D2%CA%C0%BF%F1%C8%CB, can also be in some Web site for online conversion, such as Http://, select the "Simplified Chinese" ( GB2312) ", for character set encoding conversion. After the URL is encoded, replace the above addresses in the ID and password, others from the address can not easily see your Real ID and password.
The following is the use of the problem, is generally the address directly stored in the browser's favorites; can also be saved as a shortcut, this is the same as the collection, the right mouse click on the desktop or a location, select New-Shortcut, enter the address in the pop-up dialog box, click Next, in the second dialog box, Fill in the name of the forum or other name you want to use, click Finish, so that it is ready, you can double-click the shortcut to log in later.
You can also use batch file processing, although this is more cumbersome, but batch processing we can carry out a certain amount of encryption, relatively high safety factor, if necessary, you can choose this method.
For example, we take discuz! as the forum for the system, copy the following code into Notepad and save the suffix named. bat

@echo off
Start "XX Forum Login" "http://Forum address/logging.php?action=login&loginsubmit=true?&username= your username &password= your password"

can also be saved as the following code, the effect is the same, but a slightly different form:

@echo off
Set "Username= your username"
Set "password= your password."
Start "XX Forum =http://Forum Address/logging.php?action=login&loginsubmit=true?&username=%username%&passwd=% password% "

We can continue to encrypt the bat file, recommend a software quick Batch file (De) Compiler, it can be the bat encryption to EXE file, but also add attributes and personalized icons, because today's focus is not this, I do not do more introduction.

Method Three: Use the browser to bring the function, the plug-in and so on
"Browser with features":
Many browsers usually have automatic filling and web site abbreviations and other functions, can be very convenient for quick login forum
1.Maxthon (Address:
2.GreenBrowser (Address:
"Browser plugin":
Maxthon Plug-in---1KeyLogin (download address: Http://, is a maxthon sidebar extension, you can log in to a key mailbox, Forums and other sites, can be extended, password encryption to save, but the homepage seems to be open, the current version of v1.01.
Firefox Plugin---vest switch (download address: forum-77-1.html) is a cookieswap based Firefox plug-in that allows you to simultaneously use multiple IDs to log in to the same forum and switch any of them at the same time.

Method Four: Use other software, manage the website online
"Software Classes":
1. Worry-Free login (address:, can automatically help login mailboxes, forums and other sites, removed every time to enter the URL, username, password trouble.
2.Alasend (Address:, only one key can automatically login QQ, MSN, mailbox, forum, blog, a variety of member sites, pass site, chat tools ...
3. Secret Worry (Address:, you can automatically login to all kinds of mailboxes, forums, network silver and other client software pages ...
"Online Management class":
1.PassBox, (Address:, as long as through the Internet you can easily manage your many websites, software, systems password.
2.OpenID identity URL (OpenID Provider) (address:, one click on all the sites you want to go (including the site with authentication code), just remember a password to remember all the passwords.
3. Horseback Network (Passbay) (, to help you manage the Web site, memory a variety of passwords, so that you can log on to the world's website. Support Authentication Code login, you can add a website, to achieve a key automatic login.

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