Use fix Rss feeds plugin to repair wordpress feed display Error _php instance

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Today, a netizen left a message saying that the feed of the blog has been hung, the symptoms are as follows:

The Chrome Direct Open subscription page appears as follows:

This page contains the following errors:

error on line 1 at column 1:document are empty

Below is a rendering of th E page up to the.

FeedDemon Hint: This feed contains errors.

After the addition also has no effect, can be used normally.

The fruit reader can also be read, but the latest articles are not available.

With IE try, show "There is invalid content at the top level of the document." ”

View the source code found that you can see the content of the HTML format parsing, which shows that the feed output of WordPress is no problem, the problem is the format of a file. But it's more difficult to find out which file is the problem. The solutions given on the web are roughly the same:

Check for extra carriage return, newline symbol on or off

1, the detection of wp-config.php files, to see the PHP outside the main code has no carriage return characters;

2, ditto, detect wp-rss2.php,wp-atom.php documents, if not recently modified, can skip;

3, ditto, testing functions.php documents;

4, note that the feed is cached, after the modification is completed, send an article, so that WP program to rebuild the feed, so as to see the effect;

5, if still wrong, you can try to temporarily shut down all plug-ins, replacement theme, such as one by one exclude.

All the above documents have been modified, there is no clue. So I installed a plugin "fix Rss Feeds", and then fix it after the activation. And after the repair to delete the plugin will not rebound ~

Research the next plug-in, it seems to just modify the WordPress root directory under the wp-blog-header.php, in fact, simply change this file to:

 * Loads the WordPress environment and template.
 * @package WordPress

if (!isset ($wp _did_header)) {
 $wp _did_header = true;
  Ob_start (); 2010-09-18 added, it'll Fix RSS feed error "Error on line 2:the processing instruction target matching" [XX] [MM] [LL] ' is not allowed. ' While burn feeds from
 require_once (dirname (__file__). '/wp-load.php ');
  Ob_end_clean (); 2010-09-18 added, it'll Fix RSS feed error "Error on line 2:the processing instruction target matching" [XX] [MM] [LL] ' is not allowed. ' While burn feeds from
 wp ();
 Require_once (Abspath. Wpinc. '/template-loader.php ');

It's OK.

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