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The organization has done a survey of statistics, internet users open the average tolerable time of the Web page is how much? 20 seconds. This survey results are a year ago data, I believe that now a Web page if 10 seconds can not open the visitor will mercilessly close your page. If you spend a lot of thought on the content of the Web page, but the visitors can not open the page, no amount of effort is in vain. So the Web site to open the speed test is the webmaster must do. The results of one or more Web page loading speed tests are not very representative. Only when the number of statistics reaches a certain amount of time, the open speed of the test value will be more realistic. The new version of Google Analytics (Google's free Web Access statistics tool) provides such a detailed web opening speed test statistics function.

The premise is that your site has Google Analytics statistics code, Google Analytics will be in the access statistics when the test page opening speed, landing GA background to any time period of each page open load speed statistics analysis.


New Google Analytics Statistics Tool test page opening speed

Webmaster can log on to Google Analytics Web site, into the new version of GA, in the Content section of the standard report to find the site speed. Open the Web site Speed report, and then select a time range. You can then see a number of statistics on the speed at which Web pages are opened. If the average page load time is how many seconds, open the Speed test page sample number. The list below shows how many seconds are used for the average opening speed of each page. The diagram above will visually see the contrast of the open speed.

Another useful feature if your site has access in many countries, you can also navigate to different countries to test the speed of the site in different countries. If the Web server is in China, the normal test will open in China faster than abroad. Google Analytics's Web page opening speed test value can also be refined to various cities in the country.

We will find that Google Analytics provides a full range of open speed test statistics, owners can freely choose any time period, see big to the country small to the city's open speed is a few seconds. A sample of the Google Analytics Web page opening speed test value is 1%. If your site traffic is large enough, open the speed test will be more accurate. But if your site or blog traffic is relatively small, on the chart will see some speed test statistics time is very long, but basically the results tend to be accurate. It is far more accurate than a web-opening speed test, and it can count the opening speeds of different cities. Article from Guangzhou website construction company Http:// Reprint please keep the link!

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