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Application Address:Make your site profitable through Google AdSense
This is Google's new AdWords promotion AD, when a user registers Google AdWords with your referral and spends the first USD100.00 advertising fee, Google will deposit USD20.00 into your account. *

Google AdWords lets advertisers create ads and display them in and Google content networks, and content networks contain Google AdSense publishers like your site. Advertisers can choose their target audience, set up budgets, and they can see their ads almost immediately.

* Google AdWords Referral is based on a publisher who has not joined Google AdWords, when it creates an account and spends at least USD100.00 within 90 days of registration.

What is the difference between an AdWords referral and an ad client application on the stand?
Although AdWords referrals and stand-by advertiser applications can lead users to the Google AdWords advertising program, they can bring you different benefits.

AdWords Referrals are another way to get revenue from your site: You get a $ $ income from each successful AdWords referral. However, with AdWords referrals, you cannot be sure that users will be able to deliver ads to your site after they have been registered, thereby bringing you a sustained income.

On the contrary, you can apply to attract more advertisers by standing for advertisers, and display ads on your site exclusively. While an advertiser application does not bring you direct revenue, it can attract more advertisers to put their ads on your site, increase the competitiveness of your advertising space, and increase your revenue. In addition, the Stand Advertiser application allows you to customize the target Web page, further encouraging advertisers to register AdWords from your Web page.

Google officially launches the referral button--tag:google officially launches the promotion button The referral setting offers you new revenue opportunities while increasing your users ' knowledge of practical products and services. After you have added the referral button to your website, you can guide the user to download or register the products such as AdSense and get more revenue from it. Click the Child tab of any of the following products to view the detailed revenue information for that product or visit our FAQ to view the details of the referral payment and features. To add a referral to your site, select a language, product, and referral button in the following options. Then, copy the code to the left of the selected item and paste it into the HTML source code of your site. How do I add a referral button?
To add a referral to your site, follow these steps: Log in to your AdSense account. Access the Referral tab in the Drop-down menu, select the language in which to promote. Select the referral button that you want to put on your site, and then copy the code in the left box of the selected option. Paste the referral code into the HTML source code of your site. After entering 2006, the income effect of Ggad is obviously inferior to the year ago, probably because of the spring Festival, everybody does not want to surf the Internet. But today found in the release, January and February actually more than 100 dollars a month, immediately a check, incredibly is Ggad promotion. Remember when this referral came out, I think we all have to apply for a play, also did not pay attention to his income rules, and then they launched the introduction of Firefox, because each of the first to install the FF software users, I can get a dollar, I think it is not bad, it was replaced by the FF promotion. But when the January income list comes out, one sees as Ggad promotion, as long as the person who is promoted succeeds obtains 100 dollars income, I can get 100 dollars the reward, cool ah, my member so many stationmaster. The FF recommendation is now replaced with Ggad. So, now remind in make promotion friend, if your member stationmaster is more, do Ggad recommend it. February and got 100 of the reward, haha, it seems, my users, there are a lot of strongman AH. I went to see the reward rules again, and this time I added a limit. When a publisher who has never applied for AdSense has applied for an account and earns at least USD100.00 USD within 90 days of approval, we will calculate an AdSense referral. The recommended Publisher must meet the payment criteria to qualify as a successful recommendation. Well, it's not easy to get a reward. More regret is that, Ggad official, put this article to the bottom of the referral, if not carefully look, still can't see OH. This to always emphasize the experience of GG, is a big mistake. So, if you are a webmaster with a small flow, and you have never applied for Ggad, I suggest you enter our article system, in the lower right corner of the article has a recommended banner, such as figure. Click to register your Ggad account and try to reach the 100 dollar standard within 90 days. I can share the happiness of success with you, haha. Remember, strive for success, progress. is to webmaster Information Network ( the biggest support Google AdSense ads and Google ads three theorems (turn)

With the popularity of Google AdSense, a problem is how to improve their adsense revenue. AdSense for two weeks of observation and research, basically have a certain logic principles, written here for Google AdSense users reference.

1] The first theorem of Google AdSense ads

Only the ads that are clicked can be counted as money.

This by default means that your ad display must be visible to the user and must be clicked by the user to be effective. Then the following factors must be considered:

(1) Position of the advertisement

(2) The color of advertising

(3) The size of the advertisement

(4) The most important thing is that you have a view of the ad, or show the number of times.

2] The second theorem of Google AdSense ads

Users will only click on content that users care about

When users look at your article, if you see on the literature page is about the Java training information, he will not click, but if the content of the ads are literary friends, literary periodicals, etc., the effect is much stronger.

This extends to the meaning of your single page content to be as focused as possible, only to explain a problem, so that Google's Mediapartners-google crawler will not misjudge your Web page type and content.

3] The third theorem of Google AdSense ads

No way to cheat or cheat is workable.

People are good at loopholes, any sound business rules as long as the Chinese market, immediately changed the taste, such as the traditional Alexa rankings. To illustrate: Google AdSense will not be your personal means of livelihood, the more energy spent on other meaningful things than the search for cheating is much better.  

AdSense startup process is very simple. Following these 3 steps, you can start and execute the AdSense code on your own Web page, ready to earn your income in 15 minutes or even a short time! This guide will guide you through the complete process of logging into your own account to generate ad code and adding to the Web page. To make the most of this guide, read through it, print it out, and place it at your fingertips as you set up your account.

Step 1th: Log in to your account

to log in:

    • Go to Https://
    • In the existing Publisher login box on the upper right side of the browser window, enter the e-mail address and password that you provided during the registration process.
    • Click Login to enter your account.

If this is your first time to enter the account, you will need to read and sign Google AdSense terms. Contains important information about this plan, so take the time to read these terms before proceeding.

After you have read this document from beginning to end, select the Agree to check box, and then click I accept these terms.

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Step 2nd: Generate AD Code

You are already logged in to your account and you are ready to start generating HTML code added to the Web page. To do this, do the following:

Click the AdSense for Content tab. The Ad Layout Code page is loaded under this tab. On this page, you can customize the appearance and behavior of the advertisement, and set some reporting options. We're going to set the shape and color of your ads-some other optional features are also described in the AdSense FAQ.

    1. AD layout: the advertisement layout refers to the shape of your advertisement. There are a variety of layouts available-from single ad blocks to skyscrapers and banners. All available formats are displayed on the Advertising Format page-click the View Samples link next to the advertisement layout description to see them. After the

      Determines the layout that is appropriate for your Web page, select it from the Drop-down menu.

      tip: try to use a large advertising format (such as a wide skyscraper or large rectangle) to enhance the attractiveness of the user and increase the number of ads displayed on the Web page.  

    2. color palette: by using the palette, you can customize the appearance of ads on a Web page by selecting the color of the background and text elements. You can generate up to 200 custom palettes by following these steps:
      • Click the Manage Palette link
      • in the AD Layout Code page to start with the Drop-down Select an existing palette in the list
      • Select the Border radio button, and then click any color from the color table to specify a color for the border. The preview advertisement will be updated to reflect your current selection. The
      • repeats these steps for each element of the advertisement, such as background, title, text, and web address.
      • After you have designed your favorite palette, enter the name of the palette and click Save and get code to return to the Ad Layout code page.
      • Select a custom palette from the color palette list in the Ad Layout code page.

        Tip: If you hold down the CTRL key (for Windows users) or Command keys (for Macintosh users) when you select a color palette, you can select up to 4 palettes. The palette you choose will rotate randomly on the page.  

You can also learn and set up channels and alternative ads before proceeding to the next step. We provide a "usage instructions" guide for alternative ads, and our FAQ describes the channel and its setup process.

Step 3rd: Add this code to your Web page

Now that you have generated the ad code, you can add it to your Web page. If you scroll to the bottom of the Ad Layout code page, you will see the code in the "Your AdSense Code" box. You can cut and paste this code directly into your Web page. You can put up to three ad units on each page by adding three groups of ad code.

Because each HTML editor is different and only you know exactly how your Web page should be made, we can't give you an exact explanation of how to copy the ad code to your Web page. However, we can provide you with some suggestions:

    • When pasting advertising code into your source code, do not make any changes to it, including changing punctuation, spaces, or line breaks. This is important because changing the code in any way can cause errors on the Web page (and in violation of the AdSense program policy)
    • Paste the advertisement code between the body tags of the HTML.
    • If you use the WYSIWYG (WYSIWYG) editor, it is a good idea to paste the code into the code or source files view. Pasting code into layout view typically causes HTML markup to be added to your code, resulting in an error.
    • If your Web page uses frames, be sure to paste the code into the frame that contains the main content of the page. We use this content to position the ads

When you are done, save the Web page and upload it to the server. If you have questions about uploading files to the server, we recommend that you contact your Web hosting company directly. If you are adding code to the Blogspot domain, we recommend that you read the following Blogger support article:

    • How to put AdSense into the blog?
    • How to put AdSense into the Blog's tool bar

Google ads should appear immediately on your Web page. The ads you initially saw might be public service ads (PSA), which are not relevant to your Web page content. The following shows an example of a public service advertisement:

We have to crawl your Web page before we know what kind of ad you are sending-this process can take up to a few hours, but usually within a few minutes. After our crawler has accessed your Web page, you should be able to see ads that are highly relevant to your Web page.

tip: If after you add code to your Web page for 4 hours, you will still see a public service advertisement, please check your Web page for any violation of our program policy, and if you use the robots.txt file to intercept our crawler. You can also send e-mail to They will be happy to check if there is something wrong with your page.

Other Resources

You have now set up a basic AdSense account, you can put it into use. At the end of each calendar month when you put Google ads on your site, if your income balance reaches us$100 or more, Google's payment will be sent to you in about 30 days, and if your account balance is less than US $, we will be approximately after your balance reaches the first month of us$100 30 days to send to you.

If you are interested in further tuning your account, you can take a few more steps. Competitive advertising filters can be used to prevent certain ads from appearing on your Web page, and using alternative ads can make the most of your advertising space when Google is unable to put targeted ads on your Web pages. You can also try the AdSense Preview tool, which complements the Windows Internet Explorer 6.x Right-click menu, using it to preview ads that might be displayed on your Web page.


Google AdSense provides the ability to block specific ads from being displayed on your Web page. While Google ads are highly targeted relative to your content, there are situations where you don't want to show specific ads-for example, you might want to intercept ads that lead to your competitor's website.

Web site filters work by intercepting ads that link to a particular URL. In this way, you can easily intercept all of your competitors ' ads for If you enter a top-level domain name such as, you can also block all advertisements linked to subdirectories under that domain. URL filters apply the following rules:
    • Enter will intercept ads to and
    • input will also intercept points to and forum ad
    • blocks ads that point to, but no blocks points to or ads
    • do not intercept ads pointing to or
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