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    • I. What services does Google Code (Project) Hosting provide?
    • 2. Steps for Google Code hosting
    • Iii. Notes
I. Google Code (Project) managed services

(1) code download hosting, sharing web page traffic for you (willing to share your source code ).
(2) browse the project code online and color the code in different languages.

(3) Save the changes to the Code at different times and track the changes to the Code.
(4) The team works in a division of labor to jointly maintain a source code project.

It provides some server support for "version control". For more information, see the "version control" topic, version Control is an excellent solution for the division of labor, cooperation, and management of large projects. If you have not used it, it indicates that you have not met a large project or are not working in a large software company.

2. Steps for Google Code hosting

(1) register a Google pass

If you are using a Gmail mailbox, it means you already have a Google pass. Otherwise, you can register a card through many Google product portals. Google has a lot of free services, and many of them are in English, but this does not affect Google's loyal fans like me. Below is a list of Google products I use:

(2) create a source code hosting project

Visit Find the "Create a new project" link at the top of the page. Click "Create a new project" and you will see the Project Creation form. Enter the form as required. After successful submission, you will have a source code hosting project, its access address should be: <your project name>/, also note please seeNote.

(3) install the subversion (SVN) Client

I suggest using tortoisesvn. You can download it from the official website and provide the Chinese package: After the installation is complete, the "right-click menu" will have two more options: SVN check-out and tortoisesvn. The first step is to find a folder and set it as a "version library". This will generate some files, and you will not be able to delete these files without having to worry about them. Then create a folder in any location to put our project and execute "check out". This allows you to download the files on the server to your local computer or "Submit" the files to the server, in this case, you must enter the version library address. If you only need to download the database, select the second address, which starts with HTTP. If you want to submit or update files, use the first address, secure HTTPS connection. In this way, the account and password are required during the connection process. The account is a Google pass and the password is the password allocated by the project.

(4) upload and download project files through SVN

Right-click the folder where you choose to store the project files, and then execute "check out", "Update", "Submit", and other operations. What do they mean, you can view the help documentation.

(5) Configure Project Settings

After logging on to your managed project with Google pass, you can also manage and configure the project, such as hiding unnecessary navigation labels, adding developers, and setting notifications.

Iii. Notes

1. Create a new project with a chain create a new project under

2. When creating a new project, the project name (project name) is part of the project's access URL. Once created, it cannot be modified. It is recommended that you have a brief note and have a certain relationship with the project. There is a description next to the form. It should be lowercase letters, numbers, spaces, and so on. If you are not good at English, pay attention to it.

3. For downloads downloading in the project, if an error occurs in the file (providing 2 GB space), you can delete the file, note that the delete link is not so easy to find, and there are two options for deleting the link. The first one is "marked as expired", which is not actually deleted, select the second item to delete.

4. The source code project found a function to view the original file, such as the "view raw file" link. If it is a static file, it can be directly accessed normally, for example, files such as static webpages or images can be directly accessed and displayed normally. Example: static Web pages and images.

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