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Here I first explain the difference between him and cacti Nagios ~ and why we use him ~

Cacti is used for data capture via SNMP, and, of course, can be used by SNMP for exec-fetch data in scripts

Nagios is used to monitor the various state of the server, of course, through PnP can also achieve drawing

But why should I use graphite, in fact, he has a function, the data received to show on the page ~

On this one function, I feel enough.


Efficiency of the execution of scripts

The value of an analysis of a log in a system

Online number

To the quality of each network node, latency

The company's developers want to see how many times the API is invoked

The number of calls to a program

Time statistics for each process delay

These can be very good drawing, than their own use of RRDtool drawing more convenient ~


Introduction of Graphite Project

Graphite is an enterprise-class monitoring tool that can be run on inexpensive machine hardware.

Second, graphite function

Graphite is a drawing tool that shows the data graphically. It mainly does two things:

Storing time series data

Graphics to render data as needed

Graphite does not collect data, some tools know how to send data to graphite. It takes a little bit of code, but it's very simple.

Three, simple structure

The graphite consists of three software components:

Carbon-a twisted daemon that listens for time series data

Whisper-A simple database library used to store time series data, similar in design to RRD

Graphite Webapp-django WebApp, using Cairo to render graphics on demand

The architecture diagram is as follows:

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