Use ireaper to download the Chinese msdn webcast

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How to Use ireaper

Ireaper is a desktop tool developed by. Net enthusiasts in China to help you download the Chinese msdn webcast.

The Chinese msdn Webcast has launched more than 2004 courses since its birth in 1000. These courses are excellent technical materials, many fans will choose to download them to their computers and watch them for a long time. However, it is a terrible task to download and decompress over 3000 files from so many courses, and how to manage so many files downloaded to the hard disk, it is also a headache to map courses and documents one by one.

For these reasons, ireaper was born. His design philosophy is very simple. From a unified perspective: the Chinese msdn webcast course provides us with an all-in-one download-> decompression-> playback management function, this makes the network video materials more beneficial to every developer.

You can use the following website:Www.ireaper.netDownloadIreaper v1.2 r2.

After ireaper is installed, you must first configure the ireaper download environment.

Set the proxy server and the download path:

After setting, click "OK" to complete the startup configuration.

Then ireaper downloads the course information to configure the operation interface:

It can be divided into toolbar and view display bar.

  • View bar:

(1) The gray icon indicates that the resource has not been downloaded from the local machine.

(2). view the download progress of the course:

(3). view the course details:

  • Toolbar:

(1). Download course resources:

Select the courses you are interested in, and click the "Download" drop-down menu to select the resources you need.

You can also choose to download the required resources by right-clicking the course menu bar.

(2) register the latest free online technical courses:

You only need to right-click the course you are interested in and select "Open Website" in the pop-up window to easily enter the website registration page for the relevant course.

(3). Search for a wide range of course download categories:

Click "course category" to display the category information. Download data by technology, series, product, instructor, grade, score, date, and so on.

(4). How to view more categories of courses:

You can view the latest section 100 webcast, new courses to be started, downloaded courses, and all courses.

(5) Reconfigure the basic parameters of ireaper:

Reconfigure the download save path, proxy server, and browser.

You can save the downloaded webcast categories to different folders.

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