Use minicom and USB serial cable under Fedora

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First, minicom

Fedora is not like the previous redhat, can not directly input minicom Enter, because there is no modem in the directory/dev/sub-directory, and minicom run by default is the directory, so the direct knock is not. But you can enter Minicom-s carriage return, so you can set the path of Minicom,/dev./modem to/dev/ttys0, and then set a soft connection, ln-s/dev/ttys0//dev/modem enter, you can. Then you can enter the minicom.

Second, USB serial cable

General USB Serial line with the PL2303 chip, and now the OS is basically with the driver, so as long as the search system there is no/DEV/USBTTYS0 and other equipment files can, if not mknod one, will minicom/dev/ttys0 modify.


1. Abnormal shutdown minicom, will create a few files under/var/lock lck*, these files to prevent the operation of minicom, delete them can be resumed use.

2.USB serial cable inserted into different USB ports will cause/dev/ttys[x] different.

Use minicom and USB serial cable under Fedora

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