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Textures are one of the best ways to add depth to your design, whether it's a faint noise on a simple vector illustration or a graffiti that spans a layout.

Textures have become more and more popular over the years and have been used better. Of course, they are not limited to the design of the site, various textures are also widely used in print design, illustrations, traditional arts, television advertising ... As long as you think of the place! Textures are one of the best ways to add depth to your design, whether it's a faint noise on a simple vector illustration or a graffiti that spans a layout.

Over the past few weeks, we've collected a number of beautiful texture site design examples to inspire you, Charent is a small collection of links that can help you start using textures in your own design.

Web Design using Textures


FT Designer

Cole & Weber

Jason Julien

Trinity Irish Pub

The Klog

Alex Coleman


Big Cartel

Stuck in Customs

Bill C. 中文版

Boerne Wild West Day

Brown Blog Films

Chouteaus Landing

CTRL + N Diseño gráfico

Cubeclub Chemnitz

Danny Diablo

Demain Jarrete

DH Cards


Douglas Menezes



5 Pieces

Glocal Ventures

Handcrafted CSS

Inner Metro Green



Island Photobooth

Mutant Labs

Legwork Studio

Le Web Défi

Lilly Stable

Love freelancing

Mark Forrester

Markup & Style

Martin Anderle

Matt Salik

Merge Web

Meson Projekt Blog


Mother Earth Brewing

New to York

Orange Label


Piz ' Za-za

River City Church

Roar 4 Milk

Saddleback Leather

Stack Overflow

Story Pixel

Sushi and Robots

Texture lovers

Tony Chester


What is Blik

Yellow Bird Project

Thunder Fuel


Texture Downloads

    • Texture lovers
    • Lost and taken
    • Zen Textures
    • Love Textures
    • Webtreats ETC
    • Circlebox Textures
    • Texture Vault


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    • Create a Green Grunge Web Layout
    • How to Create a textured grungy 3D Type design
    • Texture with Layer Modes
    • Design a stylish Retro Game Boy Poster
    • ADD Visual Texture in 3 easy Steps
    • Create a texture Based Poster

About the author

Callum Chapman is a freelance designer from the UK who writes on Circlebox blog and makes free downloadable high-quality textures. and retweet design-related articles on Twitter.

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