Use the integrated Web Services Client for Ile to invoke a Web Service in a ile program

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IBM Integrated Web Services for I is IBM's latest SOA solution on IBM I, including integrated Web services Server for I and integrated Web services C Lient for Ile two parts. Integrated Web Services Server for I enables users to quickly deploy Ile RPG and COBOL programs into Web services, while integrated Web services Client for Ile makes IBM i The Ile application on is equipped with the ability to invoke Web services. This series of topics, consisting of two articles, describes how to use Web Services Client for ILE to invoke Web services in ILE programs, and part 1th instructs readers on how to implement Web service clients in ILE programs. Part 2nd describes how to implement and add a Web service client processor to monitor client Web service invocation behavior.

Target Audience

This article readers should have some experience of IBM I, and have the experience of developing IBM I ILE program.

What is Ile

The Ile full name is integrated Language environment, is the IBM I integrated language development environment, it is closely combined with IBM I, composed of a series of tools and system support, Ile support C, C + +, CL, RPG and COBOL. In a ILE environment, the code written in these different languages is compiled into a module, which ultimately enables the creation of program Object or service programme object,ile to support mixed programming in different languages.

What is integrated Web Services Client for ILE

Integrated Web Services Client for Ile is IBM's latest Web service clients solution for IBM I developers, based on the Apache Axis C + + implementation, so that ILE programs have the ability to invoke web The ability to service.

We know that Web service is described by WSDL, and the WSDL file describes in detail the methods in the Web service, the input and output parameters for each method, and so on. The integrated web Services Client for ILE provides a tool wsdl2ws that enables a WSDL file to generate Stub programs for Web service clients and other C + + code that describes parameters, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Generating a C + + Stub program from a WSDL file

Because of the existence of Stub programs, ILE programs do not need to know how to encapsulate the SOAP messages that invoke Web service and the details of network traffic to the Web Serviceserver, simply by knowing the name of the Web service and the structure of the input and output parameters, which greatly simplifies Implement the Web service client in the ILE program. The following figure shows the communication process between the ILE client program and the Web Services Server when the Web service is invoked.

Figure 2 ILE communication between the client program and the Web Serviceserver

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