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Recently found an open source on the Internet of mobile phone projects-mujmail (official home page for, Chinese projects: (including source code and Jad, Jar installation files ), the official website also details how to create this project under eclipse and netbeans.

When mujmail is used to send and receive mails, some problems occur in setting up the email server and account.
1. When I used the email for the first time, I used the Set account to receive the email. The malformed URL error occurred.
This is mainly because of my mail POP3 or IMAP4 server settings. In account form, the SMTP server is always set in my previous settings, but account form provides POP3 and IMAP4 protocols, and the server should be filled in according to one of them. And different server port settings are different, here take my Gmail account settings as an example: My Gmail account name is, I choose POP3 protocol, the settings are as follows:

The following information is provided by some official email account settings.






Gmail IMAP IMAP4 Yes 993
Gmail POP3 POP3 Yes 995
Hotmail POP3 Yes 995
Yahoo Mail plus POP3 Yes or no 995 (SSL is enabled) or 110 (SSL is disabled)

If you have one of the several accounts provided above, you can receive emails from the server after setting them.

2. However, the above settings can only receive emails, but cannot send emails. Sending emails also requires support from the SMTP protocol, which requires setting the SMTP server.
Select the third tab and enter. Set the SMTP user name and password as shown in the following figure. The SMTP user name and password are the user name and password of your mailbox. The following settings can be set based on your preferences.

The following information comes from some SMTP server settings officially provided.





Gmail Yes 465 or 587
Hotmail Yes 25 or 587
Yahoo Mail plus Yes 465

After setting SMTP, you can send an email and send an email to my QQ mailbox. Then, the QQ on the desktop will display the corresponding email message.

I have not studied the mujmail project. SMTP and POP3 protocols do not understand it yet. At present, I have simply tested the mail sending and receiving function of this project and can use it.
For some questions about this project do not understand, can refer to the official FAQ: A = 9

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