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Some people may ask: Is there any mistake, the search engine also has the thought? Yes, the so-called search engine thinking, in fact, is the search engine in the examination of a site often used by various indicators and factors. As want to let the site in search engines where more trust and favor of the webmaster, we only follow the rules of the search engine "out of the card" to give the best, so as to make the site in search engine results have a better performance, so the use of search engines for the site to bring more traffic, So that the development of the Web site with less effort, and eventually create an excellent site.

How to use the search engine's thinking to build the website, the first thing we have to figure out is the search engine to pursue the set of rules, followed by its rules and steps to the site for the relevant settings, so that the site from the program structure to the content, and then to external links, or even layout layout, etc. are more fit search engine "taste", In order to better obtain the trust of search engines, and then get a better score, and finally get excellent weights, rankings and the results collected. This can make the site can not only maintain excellent technical indicators, whether in the exchange of the chain or pull advertising sponsorship is more favorable, but also through the search engine to bring the huge flow of Web site profit transformation.

Search engine Thinking One: Excellent website must have excellent program

Excellent programs do not necessarily create excellent websites, but excellent websites often have excellent programs. Excellent procedures not only have a strong stability and reliability, so that the site in the day-to-day operation of the stable state, not often downtime or even because of loopholes and the horse and intrusion, so the stability of the site for search engines is often the first step to build trust, Otherwise, even if the site is unstable and vulnerabilities are exploited and hung horses by the K station may occur.

and excellent procedures for search engines have been targeted optimization, the use of excellent procedures for Web site optimization is not only simple and convenient and good results, which makes excellent procedures in search engine optimization has a unique advantage, Its strong technical foundation and continuous improvement and update to make the site in the development process to provide a solid guarantee. Specifically, whether it is a CMS or forum procedures, the selection of industry leader products are a good choice, such as the Dream in the CMS and Imperial Procedures, forum procedures in the Discuz and phpwind procedures are the mainstream of the election.

Search Engine Thinking II: Excellent site must have high-quality originality of content

Search engine's origin and the most core existence significance, is facilitates the people from the information vast Internet to search and obtain the information which needs conveniently quickly. Therefore, the search engine usually needs to send it a large number of spiders everywhere crawling various fields of content, of course, especially with originality rare, but also someone in the search engine input related keywords to search for the content needed. This shows that the search engine for the site evaluation of the most essential core standards is still the content of the site, this is any optimization techniques can not avoid and ignore. Therefore, as a webmaster, need to be in the day-to-day operation of the site to capture and create an original quality of content, enrich and enrich the site.

In the original content of the release and maintenance, the webmaster should fully consider their own expertise and grasp the resources, the content of the site to organize and create, if there is no original content of the ability, then you can consider the method of pseudo original, to carry out relevant information and resources of the integration and reorganization, But at the same time do not affect the readability and usability of the article, then you can use these false original content, enrich the content of the site to get the search engine "valued", so you can mobilize the search engine on the site regularly update and crawl, get a good optimization effect.

Search engine Thinking Three: Excellent site must have a group of outstanding friends

The saying goes: "Birds of a feather flock together." "For the site is also the case, the site's links are reflected like people and his friends, so the search engine will get the impact of the site from the assessment." For the site, the excellent link is like a friend of a person, observe a person's level to see his friends around, the site of this evaluation method is still valid. So in the exchange of links, the site can be considered how to obtain various technical indicators, especially in search engines have excellent rankings and included such effects of the site for Friendship Link exchange.

At the same time, in the selection of exchange links to the object, it should be better to select the theme and content of the site has a high relevance of the site, so that more access to the search engine of the professional evaluation of the site, to give a higher weight. At the same time, in exchange for the frequency of friendship, should pay attention to the principle of moderation, should not be able to exchange too many links a day, and there are few links to update, the appropriate method should be to maintain a certain frequency of friendship link exchange, this principle in the content of the site update also apply. This article comes from Bet365 standby, reprinted reservations.

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