Use Toad to import data from Excel into a table in a database

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1th Step: Find menu options

2nd step: Select Table Name

3rd Step: Select a file type of Excel

4th step: Setting Parameters
in Oracle, the TRIM function can remove spaces before and after a string, so it is selected.

5th step: Match the columns in Excel with the fields in the database. Each column corresponds to a field.

6th step: View Constraints

7th step: Set the import mode, I set the When the import is done, do not commit, manually submit.
Click Execute to execute.
During the execution:The following error occurred asking if you want to continue execution. This error is typically caused by the fact that the data structure in Excel is not uniform with the data types in the database tables.  

I click Yes to continue execution, there may be other data types in the middle of the problem, which need to be done before uploading Excel data processing.
The following information will pop up when the final import is complete. 527 were executed, which succeeded 523. in other words, there are 4 data problems, not inserted.

Summary: When you use Excel to guide a table to a database, you first save the field data type in Excel the same as the data type in the database, and note that the PRIMARY KEY constraint and the string length cannot exceed the limit. adjust the data to quickly import.

Use Toad to import data from Excel into a table in a database

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