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This feature is available in Word2000, 2003, and 2007 versions. Below we take the Word2007 version as an example to remove the white text from the text.

1. Open the document you want to replace, and select Replace on the Start tab.

2. Copy the white text to the text box following the find what. Be careful not to clear the formatting and keep the original formatting.

3. Click the "Format" button.

4. Select "Font".

If your Find and Replace dialog box doesn't have these options, don't worry, just click on the "More" button. The following figure.

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Go to the Find Font dialog box and select White in Font color. If there is no white in the alternate color, click "Other Colors" and choose white.

OK to go back to the replacement window, now find the format of the content displayed as "Font color: White", in the text box after replace with to enter the text you need to modify. Here we are going to remove the white text, so keep it blank. When you are ready, click Replace All.

With the above operation, we can easily remove all the white text in the document.

This method can be used in many places, for example, when you copy some Web information, you will find that the copied content contains some such as "-&% (x") interference code, usually these interference codes are consistent with the background of the Web page, on the Web page can not see, copied and pasted out on the show. At this point we can copy and paste the page text into Word (note that we keep the text color format) and use the method described above to easily remove the jamming code.

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