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. NET encryption Technology

What is Maxtocode? We all know that. NET is compiled as an intermediate language of MSIL, which results in a very easy disassembly. Although there are now confusing techniques, it is still very easy to get critical code. Therefore, the application of the private and enterprise of. NET has been limited. and Maxtocode uses Windows ASM technology to encrypt the intermediate language of. NET again, making your code the safest state ever. Please pay attention to the growth of maxtocode, thank you



Xcodefactory is a data-layer code generation tool that simplifies the development of the data tier, and all of your data-layer code for a project can be automatically generated by xcodefactory, even if it involves multiple databases, Different types of databases (currently supported by SQL Server, OLE database, Oracle), Xcodefactory manages all of this content through a. XCF project file.


. NET Code Auto Generator

You can generate code for a three-tier schema. Code generation is highly efficient if you adopt a schema similar to the PetShop schema pattern.
It can generate: Entity model,dal (data access Layer), Idal (interface layer), Dalfactory (class factory), BLL (business logic layer), Web layer and other layers of code, can save a lot of time to do business logic code, those duplicate code to it to do it, 1 minutes to generate all the basic code for a schema.


Non-non-. NET code generator

Integrated IDE's code generator (supports and C # languages, supports ORM code and three-tier code generation, and does not expose source code)


Code generation Tool

The main is dotnet multi-layer development in the automatic generation of medol and DAL layer, now is the completion of most functions


Lazy Person Tool Code Builder

Tools not to one, interested friends can look, unfortunately the author does not provide download


 .net code Generation chenyun2000


Http:// /2004/12/01/71391.aspx

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