Useful Sentences for Praising.

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You look great today.
You look great today. (Available every day !)

We're so proud of u.
We are so proud of you. (Praising a child is the most effective .)

I'm very pleased with ur work.
I am very satisfied with your work. (Formal and sincere praise .)

This is really a nice place!
This is a good place! (I will give you a good compliment at will !)

You're looking sharp?
You look really energetic! (It can interest him .)

Nice going!
Good job! (Excellent praise !)

The food is delicious!
Delicious! (This is the first sentence when you eat it .)

Everything tastes great.
Everything is delicious. (Say this when you finish eating .)

Your child is so cute!
Your child is cute! (Parents are absolutely fond of listening .)

Waht an adorable baby?
What a lovely child! (Just use it !)

I admire ur work.
I respect your work. (Universal in the world !)

You 've got a great personality.
You have a good personality. (Very safe .)

You have a good sense of humor.
You are humorous. (This sentence is used when others tell jokes, whether funny or not .)

Your Chinese is really surprising!
Your Chinese is amazing! (Used to encourage foreigners who speak Chinese .)

You have a very successful business.
Your career is successful. (Modern people like it !)

You're very profressonal.
You are very professional. (He will be more serious !)

You're so smart.
You are very smart. (Dummies love it !)

I envy u very much.
Admire you. (Now you can complain .)

Your wife is very charming.
Your wife is charming. (Don't say that in China ......)

You two make a lovely couple.
You are a natural pair. (They will be proud of each other .)

YOu're really talented.
You are very talented. (Give him motivation and courage .)

You look nice in that color.
The color you wear looks nice. (She will buy a lot of clothes of that color .)

You have a good taste.
You have a taste. (High-Level praise .)

You look like a million dollars!
You look pretty cool. (How expensive !)

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