User over 200 million get each user less than 6 cents, how does the Flash pass do? (The biggest cost is the decision-making cost, otherwise it is all useless)

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"Your product (Antomio) can't be done, but I can still vote for you." "This is the first time that the 2011 Qihoo CEO Zhou Hongyi first saw the flash CEO Kang Tianpeng.

The first half of this sentence is a huge blow to an entrepreneur, and the second half of the sentence brings a glimmer of joy. But now it is confirmed that the old week's statement is completely correct. "The first product of the flash-Antomio indeed for more than a year, can not continue to die, and the Second product" Flash "now users have more than 200 million. "Flash CEO Kang Tianpeng said.

Many people have used the flash, and some people have not used it. It is the world's fastest, most convenient, the most free mobile sharing tool, you can share with friends on the phone app, music, video, photos and other files in any format. Currently supported include: Android, IPhone, Windows Phone, PC windows, Apple Mac system, allowing data to be seamlessly delivered across 5 system platforms. And TCL's mobile phone the most important "what" function is from the flash transmission. It has even supported the seamless transmission of the vehicle recorder to the mobile phone and computer.

Never be optimistic, to the global users over 200 million, Flash CEO Kang Tianpeng Entrepreneurial Road is not smooth, along the way there are many entrepreneurial stories. Recently, Kang Tianpeng to set up a micro-network to share his entrepreneurial process.

From PC Internet participants to college teachers to mobile internet entrepreneurs, only for years after 50 years of age without regrets

In 2000, Kang Tianpeng graduated from Beihang University, who had studied mechanical engineering, and was enthusiastic about the Internet, like programming and code, a period of the hottest years in China's Internet. After graduating from Beihang University, Kang Tianpeng found a job related to his interests--programming, making a website. Three years later Kang Tianpeng chose to continue to go back to Beihang University Graduate school, at that time part-time to the new east to do IT training, 2006 after graduation, in order to solve the problem of hukou, temporarily went to Beijing Union College as a university teacher.

"Being a college teacher is the job I really want to do in my life?" "After living a life of ease and stability, Kang Tianpeng asked his heart," This is not the life I want, go out and make a break. " Going out must still choose your favorite technology industry. But there are no resources, and even technical improvements are needed. Kang Tianpeng finally chose to go to Lenovo Research Institute for Research and Development, then began to do mobile phone and pad software.

In the years of Lenovo's work, China ushered in the era of rapid development of PC Internet, although engaged in internet-related work, but could not realize their own ideas. "At that time every night was to think of the enthusiastic, the next morning to work or on." "This is Kang Tianpeng's description of the state of his life at the time of the collection of micro-nets.

So soon as the time came to 2011, the Android phone began to explode in China, when the Kang Tianpeng really felt that he could not sit. Kang Tianpeng said, "When the PC Internet era began, see the opportunity, but no money, no people, no resources!" But this mobile internet has come, say what we have to participate in, if not to do, not to be 50 years old must regret. ”

Do what you say! After 10 years of IT technology experience, Kang Tianpeng finally took the first step in life: decided to start a business, mobile Internet, this time must not be missed!

Zhou Hongyi: Your products can't be done, but I can still vote for you .

In the early days of entrepreneurship, people and money were the first problems. But Kang Tianpeng peacetime person, work style, for he at this time entrepreneurial accumulation of good reputation and resources. After revealing their entrepreneurial ideas to the outside world, they were first recognized and supported by several college students. Soon he and a few classmates together, you a little bit me, the initial more than 1 million of the funds. To abandon relatively stable high-paying business, the most difficult point is the need for home support! However, Kang Tianpeng's wife not only did not stop, but also know that venture capital is limited, proposed to vacate their own large two-bedroom house, as an entrepreneurial office. This is simply a standard Chinese-style garage venture. And his wife and youngest son rented a smaller house in the outer face. "The support of friends and family made me very touched. "Kang Tianpeng said.

In this way, the company was formally established in June 2011, then there were only 6 or 7 people. After the Android phone began to grow, Kang Tianpeng chose to develop the first product called "Ann sprouts." This software is similar to the web version of the Pea Pod Phone helper, at that time can be used to implement the application of Web +wifi installation.

After two months of entrepreneurship, 360 of the investment team suddenly came to the door and wanted to intervene in the company's investment. This is a huge boost for the Flash team. Then, in the 360 investment team introduction, Qihoo CEO Zhou Hongyi and Kang Tianpeng meet contact. "But the old Monday came up and said," You can't do this product. "This is for the confidence to meet the investor's Kang Tianpeng, the first is blow." Then Zhou Hongyi said: "I am optimistic about your team and technology, so decided to invest in you." "This again makes Kang Tianpeng grinning.

"After six months of research and development and six months of promotion, Antomio this product as Zhou Hongyi said, failed! Kang Tianpeng added, "The reason for the failure is due to a problem with product positioning." "And in subsequent projects, the Zhou 祎 team also withdrew from the flash investment.

After that, Kang Tianpeng learned that in the mobile internet era, internet companies in order to win the camp, will actively contact the start-up companies, and then a small amount of investment to gain future voice, to avoid the emergence of other internet giants to be snatched. For the 360 of the investment process Kang Tianpeng still gave a very positive evaluation: "360 of the old week, although the final exit, the middle of our business has not done any help, but the old week product view deeply affected me." ”

"Before I basically follow their own ideas to do the product, but the old week on the product thinking, can be said to let me from the former engineer thinking into a product manager thinking." "Kang Tianpeng said so. And this change of mind also for "flash" This product came to lay a solid foundation.

rely on user experience to get users, get user cost less than industry one-tenth

After the first product failed, with experience and lessons, Kang Tianpeng and immediately led everyone into the Second product development. Kang Tianpeng found that the mobile phone and mobile phone, mobile phone and computer transfer files are very troublesome in the era of smartphones. And based on the user's behavior survey and thinking, he decided to make a mobile phone with mobile phone, mobile phone and computer communication applications between the products. This is what we now see as "flash".

This product is not easy to start with, and because of its limited funding, it cannot be used to promote advertising or app stores like any other internet company. In the face of the dilemma, Kang Tianpeng said to the team: "We want to use the product user experience to attract mobile phone manufacturers and consumers to install." "Refusing to hit the money to get the user," he said, and did the same. In the "flash" application of the initial prototype, with the Flash team to Shenzhen to promote, fortunately, the industry is immediately known as the "African King" of the Shenzhen Tecno, the sound of the mobile phone can be said red across the African continent. The reason for the sound is simple: Africa's network is not very good, flash transmission of the application can be transmitted to each other applications, without traffic, this feature will certainly be loved by consumers.

To the surprise of the Semitic team, the sound transfer was not only preloaded with flash applications, but also supported by investment in Flash. Through the user experience to attract customers pre-installed and users to download, has become a flash stick to the promotion strategy, "money preinstalled, users do not like not only will not use, but also uninstall." There is no point in this. "Kang Tianpeng explains.

This low-cost promotion also allows the average user cost of flash to reach the industry's lowest standard. General application software to get a user cost in one piece to two dollars, according to Kang Tianpeng revealed that "The Flash has achieved 6 cents cents to get a user." "This efficiency has also been recognized by investors, and at the end of 2014, a new round of tens investment was obtained.

international success, users 1.5 from 10 million to 200 million

Take word-of-mouth to get users in a way that has exponential growth in the number of users who flash. It took about half a year for the top 1 million users to reach the first anniversary and the first year of 2014, when the user reached 10 million. At the end of 2014, flash users topped 100 million. The latest data show that so far, flash users have broken through 200 million.

Such a Fast user growth in addition to the good user experience of flash products, the key is related to the promotion strategy and internationalization strategy of the flash transmission.

It is understood that the current and domestic brand manufacturers Gionee, Vivo, TCL and other manufacturers have co-operation, but also with the program manufacturers, China Qin, Ding, and other such programs or system manufacturers have cooperation. One of the noteworthy is that TCL's mobile phone's main feature, "What The DA" app is Flash transmission provides all the technical support.

Not only the domestic market has achieved rapid growth, but also in the past year in the international market flash users have been rapid growth. At present, the Flash has set up an international marketing department, recruiting staff from different countries to do the corresponding promotion and consulting services. In particular, China's smartphone makers have aggressively opened up the Indian market, while also driving the rapid growth of flash users in the Indian market. "The Flash is very popular in overseas markets and currently has more than 200 million users in more than 180 countries and regions worldwide," he returned. and overseas market accounted for more than 50% of our users. Kang Tianpeng said excitedly.

from mobile phone to driving recorder, solve the "transmission" problem in the era of intelligent hardware

For the future of Flash, Kang Tianpeng has not revealed too much information to set micro-network, but said that this year's main goal is to do a good job in the domestic market, while focusing on the international market, will also strengthen overseas team building.

In the product, the Flash is also beginning to have a diversified product, the current flash has been with BYD car traffic recorder to cooperate, in the traffic recorder pre-installed Flash software, can not consume traffic, convenient and quick to transfer video recording files to the mobile phone or computer. The transmission from the mobile phone also opens up a wider space for imagination in the concept of "big transmission".

Finally, when it comes to the summary of entrepreneurship, Kang Tianpeng said, "The biggest cost to a CEO is a decision-making cost, and if the initial project is wrong, there is no user demand, that is, wasting money and wasting time." So the CEO always have to make a good decision, the direction must be done right, other comparisons are trivial. "(Set micro-grid/Xu Len)

Flash CEO Kang Tianpeng to entrepreneurs:

"Strong loneliness"-to entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs to encourage!

If you want to start a business, please do not show off and do not advertise, just do it quietly. Because it is your own business, others do not know your situation, it is almost impossible to help you achieve the dream. Never show off vanity, and don't give up your dreams because of the comments of others. In fact, the best state, is to adhere to their own dreams, listen to the advice of the predecessors, as far as possible less detours and fewer wrong steps. Few people will really understand you, do not be overwhelmed by the loneliness of the heart, the real strong always low-key and lonely, everything to time it, the result is the best proof.


User over 200 million get each user less than 6 cents, how does the Flash pass do? (The biggest cost is the decision-making cost, otherwise it is all useless)

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