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As an important part of product development, listening to user feedback on your products is the best way to improve product quality and user experience.


Especially in the product design stage, the functions you designed may not be really needed by the user, and you have invested a lot of energy in development and testing. The result is thankless. allows you to get feedback from users and intuitively view the functions most needed by users from the number of votes. For example:

Wd TV:

Http:// Filter = top & page = 1


In the design phase, you don't think that the biggest user need is "Full dvd iso menu support ".


This user click ranking is especially helpful for subsequent product development and will be very targeted and clear.


However, there is another suggestion. If you have a feedback to reflect what features you do not like most, you should cut it down in product design.

These unwanted features often consume 1/4 of the total labor of the product.


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