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In the visual creativity of the electric business, a good page is to do is to do is not only visually feel that this is a good work, in the user experience also need to do a "good"

Data to prove everything, this is a few years ago an operation said to me a word. I am a designer who is conquered by data theory, I believe I am not the first and will not be the last one.

Let me, a great and narcissistic electrical business designer to use my silver tongue, step by step to conquer you

Nowadays more and more electric dealers pay much attention to the design of the shop, "Taobao art" "Web Design" "Outsourcing design Company" and other industries or nouns are gradually surfaced, came to the public's vision, the title of everyone gradually from "art" to "designer". So what is "art" and what is "designer"? What features does a good page need to have? What does a designer or "electrical designer" need to learn?

No data analysis, your life is only a Photoshop to use the graphic art!

No data analysis, you will be able to do a lifetime can not be optimized graphic art!

About the electrical business design data have a lot of many many, do not know you care about a few you have paid attention to a few, a good electricity business page to present not only a good page, relative to your creative products seems more important, user experience is also we must face a checkpoint.

When you think that you are doing a very good job, why is it not in the eye of the operation, or one of your "God" in his eyes is a "neuropathy works." At this time, please do not run with your lunatic operators to carry out a 360-degree Thomas maneuver to justify and quarrel, beginners design from the design, the entrants from the data to see the design, the knowledgeable person from the design to see the design; this sentence seems to see the mountain is the mountain to see the mountain is not mountain or mountain philosophy, but the facts tell us that the data can really prove everything .

The first step of genius is to click on the stay and the depth. This sentence seems quite reasonable, as for who said, it is certainly a collection of creative creativity, genius imitation, God-like writing and so on shortcomings in one person. (who is it? who is it?) If you think I am not such a person, then please put it in my heart, you say that I will only think you envy me. Hehe, hehe, hehe,

Nonsense not much to say, although already said a lot of.

Conversion rate, CTR, access depth, stay time four key data can tell us your page in the end is slag or fighter jets. At this time I should be arrogant also: I said a truth, the truth does not need to prove! Please keep in mind because I am weak.

There are two kinds of residence time (here is the average time of the electric business) one is the average stay time on the home page, and one is the average stay time of the baby details. And the official introduction of residence time is: the time of residence for the user to visit the shop in a long time, the average stay time that all users visit each time average.

So what is the duration of the stay?

A. Creativity, a good idea is always let others linger, let others marvel, a good idea may be a wonderful miracle may be exaggerated possible neuropathy. It's a bit exaggerated, but it's true.

B. Products, whether you have the characteristics of your products are displayed, and your design can make your users satisfied. Can your product cater to most "God" aesthetic views.

C. copywriting, a good copy is a key factor in a successful work, and a designer who doesn't copy is like an athlete without a muscle. So are you a graphic artist?

D. Experience, no matter what industry to do anything, the user experience is paramount. The quality of a car is not just brand and technology, a Maserati, high-end configuration economic price of the future technology supreme qualities! No door, you want me how to get in the car, and found no steering wheel you want me how to drive, the car started to find the wheel on the two, you think I am a bike?

Some people ask, what is the advantage of staying longer?

The advantage of staying longer is the big drop. First: Long stay on behalf of the customer's reading and viewing time is long, you can better understand the store's products and store content, you can promote the other three major index of promotion; second, long stay, on behalf of what you do can be recognized by others, Others will stay on the page to watch and read. Of course there are many other hidden advantages, because after all, I am not the people in the mouth metamorphosis and the operation can not understand more in-depth (*^__^*).

There are also two types of access depth (here is the average access depth of the electrical business sector), one is the depth of the entire shop access, there is also a treasure details access depth. The official description of the access depth is that the access depth is the number of times a user accesses a page in the store, and the average access depth is the mean of the depth of access for each user on each visit. Many friends see here to ask, the special is so complex can not understand Ah, in fact very simple is someone else to your shop to order how many pages and then on average is this, and depth is the page.

And below we focus on the average depth of access to the entire store.

So what does the access depth have to do with?

A. The focus of the page, a good page it has the focus is very close, and let people linger or surprised as heaven. and the focus of the page directly affects the click rate as long as you have the depth of clicks can be strengthened;

B. Product molding capabilities, whether you have the characteristics of your products can be visually presented to your buyers, and your layout can seize the temptation of successful buyers? If the answer is yes, then your buyer clicked, oh yes, access depth +1;

C. Affiliate marketing, how is your affiliate marketing doing? is your affiliate marketing sorted by sales? Have you ever been concerned about the rate of jumps you have in your association? Three Questions one answer: Related marketing products need to have the following characteristics: With its own series of products have relevance, complementarity, high conversion rate, to attract customers, The characteristics of our shop. Instead of patronizing the sort of sales from high to low. The better you sell, the higher your rate of jump, OH

D. Old customer marketing, an old customer marketing value equal to three new customers value, three old customer's cost equals a new customer's expense, the old customer's visit depth is always much higher than the new customer, admires the song the personal experience. This should be considered as an extension of the operation of the knowledge category, so here a little mention.

Some people ask, what is the height of the visit? What is it? (I'm sick ~)

Access depth and details of the relevance/home page layout/copywriting attention/Art of Visual foundation/shop conversion rate are closely related to the role, a high depth of the store conversion rate is certainly high, a high depth of the shop unit price is certainly high, a depth of high shop relevance is sure to do well, A high depth of shop art must also do a good job ...

Click-through, can be your drill show/through through the click-through, you can also be the first page of the theme of the click Rate, you can also be the click rate of your details page, we all care about the drill show through the click Rate, who cares about their home page hits? Details Click rate? Who knows how to see this data? What does this data have to do with art?

Promotional type of drill show and through-train click Rate I will not say, we should all understand what this means, if you really do not know that I can be very responsible to tell you that this is money! There is so much difference in the benefits of the same money.

A. Home/page/topic hits: Refers to the number of visitors to your page divided by your total number of clicks (PV/UV), assuming that your page a total of three people to see, was clicked once then is 1/3 clicks.

And this click-through rate and access depth have a very big impact, there is the most direct relationship. Your ability to build your product/copywriting/The ability to focus on the design/relevance marketing design are closely related. A quality page will typically hit more than 1.5 clicks, Only in this way can you guarantee that your page will not be wasted. If someone comes in without clicking on the fork, this increases the rate of jump loss.

B. Details page clicks, if you have seen the details of the click rate to know, the general details of the click rate is 3 times times the home page, I 3.15 of the home page hit rate is 180%, and the attention of several of the hits are above 450%, up to 600%

And why are the clicks on the details page so high?

1. Kinds of options and click to Buy, because there are these options and everyone will always look at the choice to see if there is no goods and postage and so on the details page of the click Rate here would occupy 50.

2. Related sales, details page of the related sales are very much attention to, so rotten Association will always attract some clicks, and the details page than other pages have a lot of long, as the saying goes, good nights. The road has always been "an accident" (*^__^*).

Ctr and Access depth is a brother, click High depth will increase, the depth of the click rate will be high, the depth of the browsing time will be enhanced, browsing time depth of the click Rate is high, then our ultimate goal-conversion rates will increase.

End language:

Look at our design through the data, can be very intuitive and even can be said to be very cruel to analyze the visual content of what we do have any defects, and we can according to these data to improve our visual work. The page does not look terrible, it is like we are sick, go to the hospital, the right remedy, Natural charm. And time long through data for our page to do physical examination, can effectively prevent all kinds of "disease" Oh ~

I am a data theory of the conquest of art, you? Have you been conquered by me? I am very hard!

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