Using Photoshop brushes to create scary vampire effects

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As a child, we often listen to the story of vampires, vampires specifically draw people's blood, people without blood died, today web teaching network for everyone to use Photoshop to make the horror of vampire photos, timid don't read this tutorial! haha!

First look at the final effect:

Final effect

To complete this horrible effect we need to use two kinds of brushes.

Broken glass Brush: broken Glass Brush

Blood brush: Blood stain brush

And then we found a picture of a girl:

Figure 1

The effect is as follows.

Figure 4

We use a 13px-15 px darkened brush to draw around the eyes, set black, and then set the following:

Figure 5

Draw around the eyes.

Figure 6

Press the arrow in the direction below to draw.

Figure 7

The same method modifies the lip.

Figure 8

Create a new layer, fill the color to #31425e, the effect is as follows:

Figure 9

Broken glass brushes are drawn.

Figure 10

To set the layer style:

Figure 11

Press Ctrl+e to flatten the layer and select the broken area with the lasso tool.

Figure 12

Change opacity to 80%, the effect is as follows.

Figure 13

Duplicate layer, adjust mode to multiply, the effect is as follows.

Figure 14

The lens Halo filter is set as follows.

Figure 15

Finally, draw some blood with a blood brush. Here is the complete diagram:

Figure 16

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