Using Photoshop to make a Web page wireframe

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This article introduces you to a free set of Photoshop wireframe kits that include announcements, pictures and videos, form fields, headings, paragraphs, bulleted lists, navigation, ad banners, and elements of an ordinary site, such as a search box, an e-mail sign-up form, and so on.

The use of this kit is very simple. Create a blank Photoshop document and open the PSD file for the wireframe kit, and then drag and drop the elements you need from the suite to your own blank Photoshop file for layout design.

If you have two monitors or have a large screen, this will be very helpful. I usually open a blank Photoshop file on one screen and look at another screen to open the wireframe kit. As you can see, all the elements in the suite are black. You can easily change the background by controlling the transparency of the elements.

Wireframe Kits Using instances

Here are some examples of creating with this simple wireframe toolkit:



Why do I use Photoshop to make wireframes?

Yes, a lot of people ask me this question: Why do I use Photoshop to make wireframe? I know there are a lot of professional software used to make wireframe, I've used a lot, I'm not saying they're bad. Somehow, as a designer, I always like to do all my work in Photoshop.

Here are some of the advantages of using Photoshop to make wireframes:

• If you use Photoshop skillfully, it's a lot quicker than you learn to use a new wireframes program.

• You will not be limited by the design elements provided by the Wireframe software and can create any elements you want.

• You can use real dimensions, and later you can convert to high-fidelity designs based on your actual design needs.

• If you have multiple wireframe pages, you can get them on different layers and then use "Layer merging" and "smart objects" to save you time.

• You can easily export it to almost any file format. If you want to get some quick feedback from your customer and export it to PDF format, your customer can add his comments to the file and send it back to you.

• You can personalize your own wireframes to make your wireframe look different.

Free download Photoshop wireframe Kit

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