Using Photoshop to make collage

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In this tutorial, we are going to make an image into a collage effect.

First, find a picture of your favorite, and open in Photoshop (Figure 1), the size of this picture is 567 pixels x567 pixels, after the decomposition, this image will be divided into 36 blocks, the standard block size of 113 pixels x113 pixels. Here we begin to make the dividing line needed for the fill.

Figure 1

Create a new file, set the size to 113 pixel x113 pixels, the mode is set to RGB color, the background set to transparent after the click of a good button to confirm the image in the navigator to set the scale to 200%, so that the graphics (Figure 2).

Figure 2

Select the Pen tool, sketch out the lines shown in Figure 3, and note that the two points at each end of the line intersecting the canvas boundary must be on the same vertical line so that the repeated lines can be connected more naturally. Select the Pen tool, click the box on the right side of the brush in the options panel, set the diameter to 2 pixels in the pop-up panel, set the hardness to 100%, spacing to 1%, and set the foreground color to black. Select the Path tab panel, click the button at the top right of the panel, and select the Stroke path in the menu that pops up. Select the pen in the list box on the right side of the tool, click OK to confirm, remove the path, select the Layer tab panel, click and Hold Layer 1 to release the Create new Layer button below and create a copy of Layer 1. Merging two layers will result in a thicker line stroke, with the zoom set to 100% display in the Navigator (Figure 3).

Figure 3

Next, you define the drawn lines as patterns, select layers, the Edit à defines the pattern command, sets the name to a tile vertical, executes the à90 (clockwise) command of the image by rotating the canvas, rotates the line 90 degrees, executes the edit à again defines the pattern command, sets the name to the tile level, and the pattern is finished, and closes the file.

Open the previously selected picture and close the display of the background layer execute layer à new fill layer à pattern command, select Tile vertical in the Pattern Fill dialog box, click OK button to confirm, execute layer again the new fill layer à pattern command, select tile level in the Pattern Fill dialog box, click OK button to confirm, Butt the line pattern in the two layer and merge the two layer, and the effect is as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4

Select the fill layer, use the Magic Wand tool to select all the transparent parts, then delete the fill layer, the selection automatically falls on the background layer of the picture, press CTRL + C to copy the picture in the selection, create a new blank layer, select the blank layer, press CTRL + V to paste, double-click Layer 1 to open the Layer Style dialog Check the bevel and Emboss, and set the style to an outer bevel, the method is set to smooth, the depth is set to 200%, the orientation is on, the size is set to 3 pixels, the softening is set to 2 pixels, the angle is set to 139 degrees, the height is set to 28 degrees, the opacity of the high light mode and darkened mode is set to 100%, click OK. The final effect is shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5

There are many ways to make a collage, of course, using the Photoshop filter is the easiest way to use Photoshop itself to complete, although it seems very troublesome, but we can have the highest degree of freedom, but not by the external filter function limit, to play their own imagination, You can get a more wonderful collage effect.

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