Using SendMail to configure an enterprise Simple Mail system

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SendMail installation, you first have to ensure that the domain name provider for your host to do the MX record of the domain name resolution. The MX record I made is as follows.


Type: MX (10)

Host Name:

At the same time to host a of a record.

Test if the MX record is in effect, you can use the Nslookup


> Set Q=MX


You will see whether your MX record is in effect from the information displayed in the system.

REDHAT7.0 installation is complete, the system has installed the SENDMAIL-CF-8.11.0-8.I386.RPM package by default, please check/etc/ Is there a file, if not, install the SENDMAIL-CF-8.11.0-8.I386.RPM package in the Linux CD.



Cwlocalhost ABC


Add to: RELAY ( is my IP)

/etc/mail/local-host-names (add an alias, in order to receive


Letter of the format)

In order to users can use software such as Foxmail,outlook to receive letters. You need to install IMAP. Open the system's POP3 port.

Please check to see if the/usr/sbin/contains ipop2d, ipop3d files, if not, install the imap-4.7c2-12.i386.rpm package.



Default: Disable=yes instead: Disable=no


Default: Disable=yes instead: Disable=no


Default: Disable=yes instead: Disable=no


Default: Disable=yes instead: Disable=no

At last:

/etc/rc.d/init.d/xinetd restart

Add and remove users from the mail system:

Add to:

#/user/sbin/useradd Username Mail

#passwd username

#chsh username

/bin/true (update user's shells)


#//usr/sbin/userdel username

At this point, if your MX record resolves successfully and works correctly, you can send and receive mail via Foxmail,outlook on Windows client, setting: Email Address:


, account: Username, password: Network administrator will tell you,

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