Using Soso to ask for outside chain construction is a misunderstanding

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Yesterday saw an article write "Soso ask the concrete operation of the chain construction", in fact, here to tell you this is a misunderstanding. From the search to ask the outside chain and can not for our site to carry the weight of the transfer and keyword ranking promotion, why, please see the picture

You see, this link is searched after the search to ask the jump and then come to this site.

If you click on the address bar will be very easy to see, it is after a jump to your site above, so the outside chain can only play to promote the role of the site, and can not pass the weight. Remember the first two years, search and ask and Baidu know that is the author of the chain to do the most favorite place, because at that time breeding a large number of question-and-answer Web site. But this question-and-answer Web site is no one to produce content for it, so generally as long as the question-and-answer Web site content is collected. The first choice is to search and ask, and then is Baidu know. Because Baidu is aware of Baidu has been included, and search to ask the content of the above, it is not necessarily included in Baidu. So at that time casually in Baidu know and search search ask to do a link, can be dozens of site collection, and included also very soon. produce a very good effect.

So at that time I also write articles to use search and search to ask the construction site outside the chain, but at that time is to do outside the chain, borrowing is someone else's collection site force to do outside the chain, not by itself search and ask to do outside the chain. But not until a year ago, Baidu for such a question-and-answer web site to slaughter. Since then this kind of web site from Baidu disappeared, so rely on search and ask to do outside the chain this road is also broken.

The author here is to tell you that the point of view of the article is wrong. Of course, maybe that's not the author's intention to lie to us, I guess it's just that he doesn't know. So here is to tell some of the SEO novice, with search and ask to do the promotion is possible, but want to use search to ask to do outside the chain to provide the weight of the site is a waste of scheming. Article content by the Snack Training blog published, I hope you can have some harvest, do not be misled by those erroneous points of view, so that our SEO road more and more difficult to go, thank you.

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