Using the Mbrostool tool to make a local hard drive F3 method Summary of emergency mode

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A summary of how to make a local hard disk multi-boot disk using the Mbrostool tool is written in the front. It is possible to install some of the system to the hard disk, such as the installation of PE to the hard disk, but when the boot will first enter the multi-UDM menu, and then select "Start the local system" before entering the local system,

Some people do not like this, or only want to use PE, then you can use F3 emergency mode, also is the default is no change, the boot directly into the local system, only when the F3 to enter the PE system, i have also searched the Internet a lot of methods, but are very troublesome, but also very dangerous, had mistakenly operation caused the partition table error, Lost all the data on the hard drive, the following is the use of MBT to achieve this function.

First of all, F3 emergency mode is high-end format, high-end format is to put the system hidden write to the tail of the disk, so first use the partition tool to the tail of the disk to leave enough free partition, and then open the software

The default is not to display the local hard disk, so you need to click Show All Disks

Then select my hard drive

Click on Common--formatting.

Or simply click on the icon in the.


Remember not to check the Rebuild partition table, this step is not the same as on the USB flash drive, after the tick will erase all the data on the local hard disk,

Then we can make a multi-boot disk, the production process only need to drag a grid, for example, we have to make 3 of systems, then select three partitions

Then drag the system image you want to make.

Can be dragged into the ISO file (dragged into the wifislax, but in fact this is used for F3 emergency mode is not normal use, many systems do not support high-end hidden write), or the ISO files can be extracted from the folder, but must be the last layer of folders, you can manually click

To select the system image file, high-end format and low-end format is not the same, the general system basically supports low-end hiding, but some systems do not support high-end format, so F3 emergency I generally used for PE system, and can be multiple systems,

You can wait for it when you drag it in, or you can click to unlock it and use it without a steel disc.

And then the read-only tick does not tick yes,

Backup needs to be checked, because some of the system or function will block the main menu, backup can be restored, general USB flash drive without backup.

After the production of many systems in the hidden partition, anti-virus, and then the user area and the normal use of a USB stick, but the default User area is NTFS format, this type of log file system compared to hurt U disk, so you can change to FAT32. The final effect is as follows, and you can also refer to http://

You can also set the password and some other settings please refer to: A summary of the method of using Mbrostool tool to make multi-boot disk

The boot time in the upper left corner will prompt you to press F3 into emergency mode, but this time default is a bit long, so you can modify,

Open File

Default 3 seconds,

I used to change to 1 seconds, too short too late to press F3, too long rare and so on.

Hotkeys are not necessarily F3, can be modified, but not recommended, the default is good

And if you do not want to turn on the computer screen in the upper left corner of the "press F3 into emergency mode" prompt, you can cancel this line of comments

After formatting, a file will be automatically generated in the C drive.

This generally I used to cut or copy to the other than the C disk, because of the worry about the C-mount system or something is formatted, but in fact, as if this file does not affect the F3 emergency system start.

About the system setup of F3 emergency system, because of the upgrade of MBT, cause the F3 emergency system also uses the PE whole password, that is to say if you set up the PE whole password, then we turn on the time, whether you press not press F3, will prompt you to enter the password, enter the password if press the F3, Then enter the F3 emergency system, if not pressed into the local system, of course, we do not want to enter the system every time before entering the password, we have to achieve the effect is to select a system before prompting us to enter the password, as follows:

So the solution is to open

The difference between a single system password and the PE overall password is that a single system password is selected after a system to prompt you to enter the password, and the PE overall password is a USB key to enter the password, enter the password to see the multi-UDM menu,

What we need is a single system password, so the settings are as follows:

The password is set to 111. This effect is the boot we do not press F3 and no emergency system, press F3 will prompt us to enter the password, enter the password before going in.

There is also a workaround is to use the old version of the MBT tool, the old version of the default is this password prompt order, need to leave a message.

Have questions can feedback, qq:970852638

Using the Mbrostool tool to make a local hard drive F3 method Summary of emergency mode

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