Using the router's WDS function to rub the net

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What is the main function of WDS above the router?

The role of WDS is to achieve a wireless connection between two routers!

Without the WDS feature, the router can only connect to the device wirelessly and cannot connect to other routers wirelessly.

Because the wireless connection two routers, eliminates the wiring trouble, therefore brings the convenience for the network sharing, mainly uses:

1. The network interconnection between different buildings not far apart (general wireless router 300 meters, better 500 meters, with directional antenna more professional wireless router can be farther), you can use the WDS feature to share broadband.

2. Multi-room home, you can add a wireless router in the middle room with the main router WDS bridge, so the original with the main router signal weak room equipment, can be connected with the middle room router to solve wireless coverage. Note: WDS is not a signal to enhance the main router, but a secondary router to send the signal!

  Use the router's WDS feature to rub the Web tutorial:

I suddenly think of a Maria old song "No wifi days, I really very sad ..." Indeed, there is no free Wi-Fi in the big age of the mobile internet. But ha, cc this tutorial will teach you to use the WDS function of the router "rub the net". Do you want to rub the net? It looks like a really technical job! Carefully read the following tutorial, in fact, very simple Oh!

  What is WDS?

In simple terms, the WDS feature enables two wireless LAN bridges to extend wireless coverage, which can be understood as a repeater or switch equivalent to a wireless network. Therefore, this tutorial also applies to the home WiFi coverage or to solve the wireless wall signal weak and so on.

  Pre-preparation work:

① support for WDS wireless router one (no need to plug out the network network cable, nonsense, there are outside the net also rub what)

② up and down the neighbor next door can search the WiFi signal (or nonsense, around the net also rub a P AH)

③ must know the WiFi password around any wireless network (as for how to know, it depends on your skills)

④ in order to avoid IP conflict, you need to first enter your router management page, shut down the DHCP service, while modifying the LAN port IP, do not like the router IP on the network.

  Formal steps to operate:

1. into their own router Web management interface (generally for HTTP://, here to the Tp-link wireless router for example) → wireless settings → basic settings;

2. Check the "Open WDS" option, click the "Scan" button, you can automatically scan all the nearby wireless WiFi and channel, including the Hidden SSID signal is also a pear yo;

3. Choose one of the best signals, and you know each other's WiFi password ap, a fierce point "connection";

4. At this time the SSID, BSSID and other information will be automatically filled out, you just enter the key (WiFi password), save on the line!

5. Press F5 to refresh the page to view the running state of the router, when WDS status is displayed as "success" it's all OK!

  Possible reasons why the Internet is still unavailable:

(1) The wireless signal of the other router is too weak, it is recommended that the signal strength is not less than 18dB, otherwise the signal attenuation is too bad, will cause the Internet;

(2) The other side of the WiFi password input error, or the other side of the router set up a Mac black and white list or firewall, details view the status of WDS;

(3) Your Internet equipment (mobile or computer) native IP, gateway settings are not correct, the general default through DHCP automatic access can be.

(4) Your router WDS settings may be a problem, the specific situation please follow the steps of Fifi Blog to check it out.

 Play to WDS Ultimate Summary:

1. Using the router's WDS function can be a number of wireless LAN bridge into an intranet, LAN game games with you to play;

2. Can also be used to extend wireless WiFi coverage, connected to the cable network computer can also be connected to the wireless network yo;

3. Wireless WDS can also help you to improve WiFi wall-piercing capabilities and make wireless internet more stable and faster.

4. Of course, this tutorial is not specific to teach you how to break the password network.

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