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Write applet applets that display the current system time in different colors and fonts by receiving parameters in an HTML document.

Import java.awt.*; 
Import Java.applet.Applet; 
Import java.util.*; 
Import Java.awt.Graphics; The public class clock extends applet implements Runnable//inherits the applet class and implements the Runnable interface {thread clockthread=null;//Create an empty threads C 
 Alendar now; 
 Private String S1; 
 private int size;   
 int r1,g1,b1; 
 public void init ()//initialization method {Size=integer.parseint (GetParameter ("size"));//Get font size} public void Start () {  
 if (clockthread==null) {clockthread=new thread (this, "Clock2");//Create Thread Object Clockthread clockthread.start ();//Start thread execution } The public void Run ()//Implement the Run () method of the Runnable interface {thread mythread=thread.currentthread ();//Create the Threading object Mythread whi Le (clockthread==mythread) {repaint ()//Call paint method try {thread.sleep (1000) by repaint method;//Hibernate 1 sec} catch (in Terruptedexception e) {}}} public void Paint (Graphics g) {r1= (int) (Math.random () *255);//By calling the Math class's Rando M produces random number g1= (int) (Math.random () *255); 
 Then the three primary colors were set by random number, red-green-blue b1= (int) (Math.random () *255); CoLor c=new Color (R1,G1,B1);   Create a Color object G.setcolor (c); Set color now=calendar.getinstance (); Gets the system current time S1=now.get (now. HOUR) + "Time" +now.get (now. MINUTE) + "min" +now.get (now. 
 SECOND) + "seconds"; Font f=new font ("", 1,size); 
 Sets the font g.setfont (f);  g.DrawString (s1,10,50);  
 Displays the string for the specified size color} public void Stop ()//Call stop method, stop thread {clockthread=null; } <pre class= "html" name= "code" > 

This is how to use the thread to realize the dynamic display of the system time, I hope to help you learn.

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