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Self-made local DNS servers accelerate bandwidth

When we install a broadband network, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) usually provides several DNS server addresses and then sets them in the Internet TCP/IP protocol settings window. At present, I believe everyone has encountered network problems caused by DNS. For example, the speed of webpage opening is too slow, some websites cannot be accessed, or the pages in IE browser cannot be displayed. To solve this series of problems, in addition to changing the DNS address, there is another solution. See the following.

Know DNS

DNS is the abbreviation of domain name system ". To access a website, we can only access the connection through an IP address (such as ""). Because the IP address is hard to remember, the domain name is a "proxy" of the IP address ", A domain name corresponds to an IP address, and an IP address may correspond to multiple domain names. To remember a website, people only need to remember its "Domain Name. The main function of DNS is to convert domain names and IP addresses that are easy to remember and frequently used (also known as "resolution"), connect the accessed host or perform other operations, this network host that executes the DNS service is called a DNS server. Generally, the process of converting a domain name to an IP address for connection is called "forward resolution", and vice versa ".

Find the root cause of the problem

When a computer on a common network terminal accesses a site, it sends query commands to the DNS server after entering the Domain Name of the host to be accessed, the DNS server queries the corresponding IP address through the domain name management system, and then sends the IP address to the local computer for direct access by the local computer. However, because the DNS server pointing to the ISP is unstable, or the ISP's DNS server maintains a large network area and is overloaded, the DNS server becomes invalid or has a resolution error, as a result, some websites cannot be accessed normally, and IE browsers have no error prompts.

Customized solutions

Generally, the network problems caused by DNS servers are directly related to the stability and workload of DNS servers. Therefore, to ensure that the computer on the network terminal can access other hosts smoothly, the best way is to create a DNS server with a buffer on the computer of the network terminal, which not only relieves the load on the DNS server of the ISP, it can also prevent Website access failures due to domain name resolution errors on the ISP's DNS server. The advantage of the local DNS server is that the local domain name resolution is fast and efficient.

Build a local DNS Server

There are many solutions and software types for creating local DNS servers, but the ultimate goal is the same. You can choose to download and use them based on your preferences. The following describes how to create a DNS server using treewalk in Windows XP.

Software name: treewalk

Software: 1.16 MB

Software Version: v8.0

Software type: free

Application Platform: Win9x/NT/2000/XP

: Http://

Step 1: Download and decompress the software "treewalk" and double-click the "treewalk" installation icon. The Installation Wizard will guide you through the entire installation process (by default ).

Step 2: After the installation is complete, the treewalk DNS service is automatically enabled, and the preferred DNS server address of the local machine is automatically set to "" (manual setting is required in the earlier version of treewalk, in the win2000 system, because the IP address is retained, it needs to be set using another tool), and the original ISP's DNS server is automatically set as a backup DNS server, then the local DNS server starts to work.

TIPS: to manually enable/disable the treewalk DNS service, click the start button in the taskbar and selectProgram→ Treewalk → service → start DNS Service/Stop DNS service. If you select "Stop DNS Service" to disable the local DNS server, the system automatically calls the DNS server of the ISP to continue working.

Step 3: If you want to check whether the local DNS server is currently providing DNS services for the network, open the "command prompt" window in windows, enter the "NSLookup" command, and press Enter, then draw a conclusion from the displayed DNS Server Information (figure 1 ).

Figure 1

"Server: localhost" indicates that the local DNS server is currently providing DNS services, and "Address:" indicates that the IP address of the currently used DNS server is " ". In this way, the local DNS server is created successfully.

TIPS: Interested friends may wish to use the software "dnsru" (: to local DNS server efficiency and performance for a test. From the test results, it is not difficult to find that the stability and reliability of the local DNS server are significantly better than that of the isp dns server (figure 2 ).

Figure 2

Compiled by: the Internet is now popular, and some ISPs only care about increasing the number of users, ignoring the quality of their DNS servers, which often brings inconvenience to the Internet. The application of personal server technology can help you solve many practical problems encountered when surfing the Internet, and it is easy to operate and suitable for common household users. For general network administrators, if you want to solve the problem of insufficient server resources, it is a good solution to create a local DNS server for each terminal computer.

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