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Green software for its compact and practical, no need to install, not to increase the system of garbage files by the vast number of users of all ages. Unfortunately, there are few green softwares available on the network, and they are more unitary in the application of the function. If we commonly used, such as text image processing, anti-virus, multimedia and other types of software are green, then how good ah! Now I teach you to use Windows Optimization Master, you can achieve this dream.

First run the Optimization master and click on the "Software Smart Uninstall" in the "System Cleanup Maintenance" category in the left-hand Feature list. The list of programs at the top of the page provides a list of all the applications that are already installed on the current computer, select a target software to make green software on the list, and click "Analyze" on the right. button, the optimization master begins to intelligently analyze the information associated with the application (if the software you want to analyze does not appear in the list, click the "Other" button and manually select the software you want to analyze).

Here I choose flashget (Internet Express) as an example, detailing how to optimize the master to make software green run version.

Depending on the size and complexity of the software being analyzed, intelligent analysis may take several 10 seconds to a few minutes of time, when the analysis is complete, you can see in the associated File box in the bottom of the software is normal to run all the files, registry key information is also in it, as shown in Figure 1. Please note these registry keys first, click the "Uninstall" button, optimize the master to start backing up the relevant registry information and file information, and then uninstall X. After uninstalling, all the files that were intelligently analyzed were saved to the Backupuninstallfiles folder under the Windows Optimizer installation directory, and all the files here were copied and placed in a new folder, for example, I would name the folder " FlashGet Green installation Package ".

Enter the regedit command in Start → Run, open Registry Editor, select Edit → find, and then enter the name of the registry key and the corresponding key value that you just noted in the Find target (Figure 2). When found, right-click on the key value, select the Export command, and export the software's registry files to the previous FlashGet Green installation packages folder. This flashget green Software installation package is done. ---

Copy the installation package to a computer that does not have FlashGet installed, double-click the ". Reg" file in the installation package, import the registry information, and finally execute the Software master program, FlashGet will be able to run it on this computer.

Tip: Theoretically, in this way, all software can be made into a green run version, but because of large software registry keys and associated files are numerous, in the search for a large amount of time, which is contrary to the green software "streamlined and easy-to-use" purposes, Therefore, it is recommended that this method be used to make small and medium sized software below 50M.

In addition, the green software produced by this method has no change in nature, the predecessor of the software is shared software, then the "change" is still a shared software. The other nature is likewise.

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