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Uvlayout should be the most fully functional nowadays, the most stable UV splitter tool, some days ago learned uvlayout, these days to forget, uvlayout All is the shortcut key way to operate the software, so sometimes do not forget, I collected most of the shortcut keys, I hope to provide a convenient, convenient access ! Uvlayout is 3dxmax,maya relative to the more complex model is a split UV easy to use independent software. The biological model of UNFOLD3D show is better!

The UV expansion plugin can be used with the max or Maya contract. Mainly rely on a quick and intuitive UV Preview to expand UV, and can relax adjustment, straightening and so on, is a very practical tool!

What do you mean by daily necessities? The max of the building class has enough functionality.

I think it is possible to consider using UNFOLD3D as long as it is not convenient for the max to show UV.

About relaxation because the UV is pure 2d image, but the biological surface is not flat, three-dimensional coordinates projected to plane coordinates, the texture is bound to some stretching phenomenon. The use of relaxation can be appropriate to eliminate the texture stretching phenomenon.

  All shortcut keys for uvlayout

Show downgrade adapter (switch) "O"

Fit Perspective Grid Point "Shift" + "Ctrl" + "A"

Arrange "Alt" + "A"

Angle Capture (switch) "A"

Animation mode (switch) "N"

Change to Back View "K"

Background lock (switch) "Alt" + "Ctrl" + "B"

Previous time unit "."

Next time unit ","

Change to Up (top) view "T"

Change the end (Bottom) view "B"

Change to Camera (Camera) View "C"

Change to Front (Front) view "F"

Change to an equal-size user view "U"

Change to right view "R"

Change to Perspective (Perspective) Diagram "P"

Cycle Change selection Mode "Ctrl" + "F"

Default lighting (switch) "Ctrl" + "L"

Delete Object "DEL"

Current view temporarily fails "D"

Show geometry inner Box (switch) "Ctrl" + "E"

Show First Toolbar "Alt" + "1"

Expert mode & #0; full screen (switch) "Ctrl" + "X"

Staging (Hold) scene "Alt" + "Ctrl" + "H"

Fetch Scene "Alt" + "Ctrl" + "F"

Freeze the selected object "6"

Skip to Last Frame "end"

Skip to First frame "home"

Show/Hide camera (cameras) "Shift" + "C"

Show/Hide Geometry (Geometry) "Shift" + "O"

Show/Hide Grid (Grids) "G"

Show/Hide Help (Helpers) object "Shift" + "H"

Show/Hide light source (Lights) "Shift" + "L"

Show/Hide particle system (particle Systems) "Shift" + "P"

Show/Hide space warp (spaces warps) object "Shift" + "W"

Lock user Interface (switch) "Alt" + "0"

Match to Camera (Camera) View "Ctrl" + "C"

Material (Material) editor "M"

Maximize Current view (switch) "W"

Script Editor "F11"

New Scene "Ctrl" + "N"

Normal (normal) aligns "Alt" + "N"

Push down the grid keypad "-"

Push up the grid keypad "+"

NURBS surface Display Way "Alt" + "L" or "Ctrl" + "4"

NURBs adjustment grid 1 "Ctrl" + "1"

NURBs adjustment Grid 2 "Ctrl" + "2"

NURBs adjustment Grid 3 "Ctrl" + "3"

Offset capture "Alt" + "Ctrl" + "space"

Open a max file "Ctrl" + "O"

Pan View "Ctrl" + "P"

Interactive panning View "I"

Place Highlight (Highlight) "Ctrl" + "H"

Play/Stop Animation "/"

Fast (Quick) render "Shift" + "Q"

Go back to the previous scene * as "Ctrl" + "A"

Go back to the previous view * for "Shift" + "A"

Undo Scene * as "Ctrl" + "Z"

Undo View * as "Shift" + "Z"

Refresh all views "1"

Render "Shift" + "E" or "F9" with the previous argument

Render Configuration "Shift" + "R" or "F10"

Cyclic change of "F8" in Xy/yz/zx locks

Constrain to X-axis "F5"

Constrain to Y-axis "F6"

Constraint to Z-axis "F7"

Rotate (Rotate) view mode "Ctrl" + "R" or "V"

Save File "Ctrl" + "S"

Transparent display of selected objects (switches) "ALT" + "X"

Select Parent Object "PageUp"

Select child Object "PageDown"

Select Object "H" by name

Select lock (switch) "Space"

Dodge the face of the selected object (switch) "F2"

Show All View grids (Grids) (toggle) "Shift" + "G"

Show/Hide Command Panel "3"

Show/Hide Floating tool bar "4"

Display the last rendered drawing "Ctrl" + "I"

Show/Hide main Toolbar "Alt" + "6"

Show/Hide Security box "Shift" + "F"

* Show/Hide bracket "J" of the selected object

Show/Hide Tool bar "Y"/"2"

Percent (Percent) capture (toggle) "Shift" + "Ctrl" + "P"

Open/Close Snap (SNAP) "S"

Loop through the capture point "Alt" + "space"

Sound (switch) ""

Interval Place Object "Shift" + "I"

Change to light View "Shift" + "4"

Loop change sub Object level "Ins"

Sub object selection (switch) "Ctrl" + "B"

Paste graphics material (texture) correction "Ctrl" + "T"

Increase the dynamic coordinate "+"

Decrease dynamic Coordinate "-"

Activate dynamic coordinate (switch) "X"

Exact input transition amount "F12"

Defrost "7" all

Show hidden Objects by name "5"

Refresh background image (Background) "Alt" + "Shift" + "Ctrl" + "B"

Show geometry outer FRAME (switch) "F4"

View background (Background) "Alt" + "B"

Use box (box) to quickly display geometry (switch) "Shift" + "B"

Open virtual Reality numeric keypad "1"

Virtual view Move down the numeric keypad "2"

Virtual view moves the numeric keypad "4" to the Left

Virtual view moves the numeric keypad "6" to the right

Virtual view to move the numeric keypad "8"

Virtual view to enlarge the numeric keypad "7"

Virtual view shrinks the numeric keypad "9"

Solid Displays the geometry (switch) "F3" in the scene

All views Show All Objects "Shift" + "Ctrl" + "Z"

* Window Zoom to select Object Range (extents) "E"

Zoom Range "Alt" + "Ctrl" + "Z"

window magnification twice times "Shift" + numeric Keypad "+"

Magnifier tool "Z"

Window shrinks twice times "Shift" + numeric Keypad "-"

Enlarge "Ctrl" + "W" according to the box selection

Windows interactive magnification "["

Windows Interactive Zoom Out "]"

  Fast intercept key in ED mode

Left-click to rotate the view

The medium key moves the view

Right-click Zoom view

"Space + middle key" moving object

Mirror object Point left toolbar Symmetry>find find the object mirror position "left" to complete the mirror by space.

"Home" displays the complete object, or sets the location of the mouse to the center point.

"D" puts the object in the UV mode.

"1" UV mode

"2" Ed mode

"3" 3D mode

"C" Select Tangent

"W" cancels the tangent

Enter to set the tangent and press ENTER to cut the object.

"Shift+s" cuts one side for an object alone.

  Vu mode

Solution mode: o C N in the left menu bar display behind the o C N three different ways of solving.

"F" points f on the object to solve the object directly

"Shift+f" to solve a single object

"Shift+ space +f" will be squeezed together face flat, UV will not overlap together.

Run for, in the margin, press the F box to select all objects, and in the left-hand menu bar, run for the solution.

The "T" selection edge is solved by the original model to avoid overlapping of the surface

"Shift+t" selects the edge of the bar and cancels the entire edge.

"S" will be the solution of the other half of the object of the mirror image calculation and placement.

"Space + Left button" rotating object

"Space + middle key" moving object

"Space + Right" scale object

"C" will be UV-cut

The "W" marks the adjacent face with a red edge, and if the two edges are close together, it will be merged.

"M" moves the red-edged object together and presses "enter" to perform the welding.

"C" open mouth UV

"W" to stitch the UV and give the sideline a red mark on the press m to close

"M" will have a red line of two UV close, perform close to press ENTER will close part of the bond.

SHIFT---_ + to scale the red line grid on UV

"H" hides the selected area

Point h[left in margin select hidden area [right] hide Select only outer area [U] Cancel all hidden [S] reverse [G] Hide Mark

"P" nails press p to pin UV [at both ends double-click p] on the green side of the end of the first nail, at the other end of the nail, double-click between the two ends of the area, this area will be covered with nails.

"Shift+p" Contact Nails

"Press Shift+p" [left] to select the object will be hit nails, [right] deselect.

Using nails to make square shape first, you can do square UV solution.

"S" on the edge of the object to hit a point, the other end of a bit, at this point in the area of the two-click S to straighten the line. [Ctrl + middle or right] move the line point

The "A" sticky icon enables other points to be aligned to the sticky icon on the U-axis and V-axis, and it is useful to be divided into square uv.

"Ctrl + middle or right" move point

"R" Brush

"X" brushes

"O" brushes

The shift+ or right key adjusts the area individually.

"Ctrl+shift" soft selection brush.

"4" "' 5" "6" Extended shrink UV brush command on the left menu display below

"G" Select Mark Blank Place Press g[left] box select mark[Right button] Cancel box selection. [F] Mark all UV, press G on UV to select Mark. Double-click the area of the G phase to the selected mark area to be selected.

The area of "shift+ G" will be canceled.

"H" will hide the selected mark.

"P" is nailed to Mark's object.

"Enter" After mark, click Enter to separate the UV from Mark.

"S" reverse mark.

"Blank Place Press G" Select U Cancel all mark

"_+" expands or shrinks the mark area by G in a blank area.

"Shift+g" The brush to cancel mark.

"L" lock blank press the left arrow to select the Lock, [S] reverse, [U] Cancel all locks.

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