Van Gogh Sunflower

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This is the reason why I feel so tired recently that my blog has not been updated. Work seems to be a dividing line between the world of adults and children. After crossing this line, it seems that everything has changed.

After work, I found that I had become richer than I used to, and now I can buy many things I wanted to buy.
After work, I found that my parents no longer care about my study, no longer have to take any tutoring courses or take any tests.
After work, I found myself free to play with my friends every day.
After work, I found that we were talking more and more about friends or boyfriends.

After work, I bought a lot of things I wanted before, but I always wanted more. I also wanted a good room and a good car. In fact, even if I buy a good room and a good car, will I be satisfied? No, I will want more.
After work, you no longer need to take any tests. Every month, you only need to get your salary back on time, and occasionally envy others when talking about how they have money. No one else scored for me, and no passing or failing.
After work, you have time to play with friends every day. However, friends always have things, or they are busy with their careers, or taking care of their own personal problems, or they simply refuse to waste money on such things.
After work, I found that we were talking more and more about girlfriends and boyfriends. But sometimes I think this topic is a bit heavy. If possible, I really only want to talk about a simple relationship.

In the same river, the viewer sees the clear river, while the sorrow sees the mud at the bottom of the river. Maybe I will never be the mature man who understands everything and handles everything. Maybe I will never be able to change another person with my own thoughts, I may have no confidence in what I believe or what the outcome will be. However! I know that as long as I work hard, it will become better. So try to improve yourself.

As early as the decoration, we designed a painting on the wall next to the restaurant: Tall sunflower. The first time I saw it, I liked it very much. I liked its color. It was warm and bright.

(Dizzy, I wrote it again)

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